Elite Shower Repairs- Making Bathing More Lavish

How Elite Shower Repairs Can Help You to Fix Your Leaking Shower

No matter you live in a 2 BHK or in a lavish villa, there comes a time when you have to encounter plumbing or any leaking shower issues in your bathroom. And if you don’t know much about it then it’s the worst thing that you could ever face. In order to get rid of such sudden blunders, you need to be always available with apt tools and must possess primitive skills.

And in case, you are fortunate enough to confront such issues in the daytime then what can be better than asking for expert’s assistance. Now, when it comes to choosing the right shower repair aid, you may get bombarded with countless options but make sure to go for a registered agency or plumber who can let you have the best services within the genuine prices.

If you are one of those who live in Australia then you are blessed to associate with Elite Shower Repairs- a renowned agency for sealing showers in Gold Coast and other sections of Australia.

Among all the services, the Elite group is highly preferred for repairing showers. And to accomplish such tasks, they proceed with a certain procedure which comes with a warranty period of 25 years. Their shower fixing procedure includes-

  1. Testing the pressure pipes if required. With this, the actual leakage is detected easily.
  2. Removal of old or damaged mouldy sealants to repair the shower from the core.
  3. Removal and re-grout of walls from where the leakage is suspected.
  4. Applying hydro barrier sealer for a better leak-proof sealing. This is done to avoid wall leakage.
  5. Repairing cracked or damaged wall tiles.
  6. Sealing tap penetrations with fixers and sealers to get rid of further leakage or damaged shower.
  7. Applying anti mould sealant to shower screen and junction to avoid leakage and wet walls.
  8. Applying mould resistant epoxy grout to the perimeter of the base for floor sealing.
  9. Repairing and sealing cracked floor or tiles, if any.

This is the basic procedure which may change as per the requirements.

Apart from all these factors, the Elite Shower Repair is renowned for no removal of tiles, service completion within 1-3 hours. And in case of shower repair, they make sure to let you have a fully working bathroom and shower within 22-24 hours maximum. Their solutions are reliable and don’t mess up your floor anyhow. In case, your bathroom turns into a swimming pool while fixing the shower, it is their responsibility to let you have the neat and clean bathroom back. And this is what makes them stand out from the crowd.


Elite Shower Repairs is profoundly known for providing the best and convenient services where you don’t have to suffer mess or excessive loss like broken tiles or other damaged toiletries, once the leakage is fixed. Till now, this company has served thousands of home-owners and fixed bathroom issues in multiple commercial buildings which are enough to disclose their success rate.