Birko Company Profile AU

Birko Company Profile AU

Birko to your industrial needs

Seven decades and still counting more; this is a genuine Made in Australia” manufacturing company that has been tested by time and technology. Tracing its history to the design and production of the revolutionary electrical jug in which food and drink could be heated at the time of WWII, this modest manufacturer has grown to a large successful commercial catering appliance manufacturing giant.

Slowly but steadily, one design and development lead to another and Birko introduced more and more products to its existing range of products. Adapting to the trending changes, Birko has accordingly sophisticated its products with stainless steel thereby replacing copper that it made its debuted with. For their varied range of products like washing machine and air conditioner elements to the hot water urns, stainless steel proved to be more reliable and durable to meet with longer usage. This was the onset of enduring sturdy products that equipped diverse industries even decades later. It is ideal to list  your benchtop equipment while you are designing you cafe with your architect.

Few of Birko products that are all time favorites and inseparable from the market are :

· Beverage Heaters – provides with instantaneous boiling drinkable water as well as chilled water whenever required. The filter fitted in it makes it safe to drink the water. Ideal for all kinds of kitchens.

· Tempotronic – this product is mainly to supply with boiling water for large kitchens. Available in different capacities.

· Insect killers – the in Australia typically for insects in Australia. With its fluorescent lights it attracts an extensive variety of pests and insects from distance ranging up to 50 meters.

· Birko Pie Warmer – the in Australia typically for insects in Australia. With its fluorescent lights it attracts an extensive variety of pests and insects from distance ranging up to 50 meters.

· Hot & cold food displays – a must have for any restaurant, bakery or coffee shop. With its sleek design, this display adds more appeal to the food it capacities.

· Food heaters – specifically focused to cater to industrial necessities, a wide range of microwaves, grills, fryers etc to choose from that are easily available.

· Birko Meat SlicersCommercial quality – aluminium cast construction with removable stainless steel blade, fancooled motor for longer operation.

The Birko array of products are also developed keeping in mind domestic usage. Ideally suited for guest houses and large families or even hostels, these long lasting appliances are there to stay. Made of durable steel and high quality resistance to heat, corrosion and other factors, Birko have cleverly crafted its appliances to provide versatility. Most of the coffee van for sale in NSW have Birko equipment. Being in the market for decades, Birko has withstood the every changing demands of the market. With many stockists all over the country, with its unit in Australia, Birko has wings in New Zealand to cater her people as well. With genuine registration of its products, Birko provides with customer support post sales and is always ready to listen to its customers. Birko is a reputable catering equipment supplier in Brisbane.

Birko is a veteran Australian manufacturing company that is dedicated to providing exceptional quality equipment that cannot be compromised at a realistic price. To assure its customers of their patronage, they provide with a 12-month warranty as default for all their products. It caters to not just hospitals, factories but other various industries and also numerous government departments. Whether industrial, commercial or domestic the needs for appliance to cater to these sectors can always trust Birko. So next time you think of any kitchen appliance, think of Birko.

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