Company Profile- Authentic Education

Company Profile- Authentic Education

How Authentic Education started-

Since November 2009, we’ve been uploading random videos to multiple platforms regarding our plans, purposes, courses, and goals. To which, we witnessed an overwhelming response from a great majority of people. This further inspired us to be what we’re thus we named ourselves as ‘Authentic Education.’

We’re an apt destination for fruitful coaching courses. Right from business coaching to personality development coaching courses, we offer education that is much required to carve your future into a successful one.

Proud Owners of Authentic Education-

Benjamin J Harvey and Cham Tang, Co-Owners of Authentic Education are more than happy to associate & accomplish their biggest milestone.

Benjamin J Harvey

He is the Difference-Maker Mentor at Authentic Education & looks at his online coaching platform as a place to inspire countless lives. Till now, he has delivered more than 8,000 coaching sessions which are pretty impressive. Other than this, he also acts as an appreciative speaker for organizations like- The Queensland Government and Youth Challenge Australia. Not only this, Benjamin has been in collaboration with some renowned names like- IBM, Optus and Commonwealth Bank.

His passion for meditation, human behavioral change and live-your-love thought has encouraged him to continue it as his profession. And to make it possible, he collaborated with Cham Tang.

Cham Tang

Being another important pillar of Authentic Education has perfectly supported this initiative. Cham is the Chief Efficiency Officer, who studied IT at the University of Technology, Sydney. Even being an IT student, he never felt the interest of pursuing his career in technology thus moved towards personality development.

Authentic Education- The biggest highlight

Before us, we’ve seen many already established online coaching platforms that offer quality courses. Unlike them, we don’t offer heavily charged courses or paid online study material. Instead, we’ve initiated 100% FREE online e-books which need to be downloaded only. Ranging from personality development e-books to Principles of Science, we have got you covered.

We did so because we are passionate about grooming personalities & giving students the motivation to step ahead toward a successful future. To make it happen, we have two online courses –

1. The 10 Money Myths
2. Turn What You Love, Into What You Do

Anyone can join the courses immediately. These programs are a rich source of inspiration that helps you get to know about expanding your wealth with smart moves. All we want is to enroll more and more candidates & help them transform their future as soon as we can do.

Our platform not just offers you guidance for attaining meaningful knowledge but we’ve programs that help you become an accredited life coach. In order to reach our goals, we conduct FREE events in different cities & countries to let people understand the value of loving their life.

In case, you’re also passionate about inspiring people & letting them recognize the reason of happiness in their lives, then feel free to associate with our community. We would be more than glad to collaborate with an enlightening talent like you.