Leading Power Tools Manufacturer

Company Profile For Dremel-Retracing Company’s Trials of Success

Based in the United States of America, Dremel has sealed its position as a leading power tools manufacturer in the international machinery market, specifically for its range of innovative rotary machines. Alike pneumatic die grinders, Dremel’s rotary tools find its extensive use for the metalworking industry by mold makers.

How Did It Begin?

It started back in the year 1932 when Albert J. Dremel set up the company in Racine. He used to manufacture the tools by self. So, in a nutshell, the company now, reaping fruits of his hard work and dedication.

What Scripted Company’s Turnaround?

It was in the year 1993 when the company was acquired by Robert Bosch GmbH. Currently, it is segmented of the Robert Bosch Tool Corporation which is situated in the Mount Prospect region of Illinois. However, the company’s existence in the Europe, the Middle East and the African region is administrated from company’s headquarters in Breda, Netherlands.

The Secret to Success

Well, there is no hidden secret to a company’s success, but for Dremel, innovation through knowledge pave for their developing future. The concept of rotary tools was released by this iconic brand, the founder of this company, from then to today; no other brand has many ideas of any sort in Dremel’s customer base for rotary tools, even by manufacturing pioneering products. Perhaps, people have more trust in Dremel.

The rotary tools work on the principle of basic rotation, under which rotation lend high speed to the tool to manage earlier complicated machinery works like drilling. Nowadays, drilling is child’s play; you just need an advanced tool to drill as per your wish. They have a wide collection of rotary products, of varying speed range from 3,000–37,000 RPM to address, depending upon the power of the tool to be manufactured. Apart from drilling, rotary tools are useful in managing several tasks, such as cleaning, cutting, carving, engraving, and polishing.

Why Are They the Best in the Business? 
  • They Use High-Performance Motor for Varying Speeds and Durability
  • Has an advanced electronic circuit feedback for stay still under load
  • Variable speeds, better control, and high precision in results
  • Easy switch on and off feature for great results
  • All their power tools are easy to use, just need to go through their basic manual
  • They offer a warranty period with their power tools
  • Replacements easily available from the company’s website or visit a local store near you
  • The motor brushes improve tools life
The Future Ahead

There seem to be no stumbling blocks in the coming years, with over 400 high-performance rotary tools; the brand is unprepared in the market, both in terms of quality and efficiency.

In the next couple of years, there are many projects lined up to enhance the versatility of their products, increase the performance of its motor, additionally necessary improvements in the electronic feedback circuitry to stay at the peak of sales.

To sum up, the company has a dominant hold in America’s machinery market and is bound to go from strength to strength in common years.