Company Profile on Liebherr Refrigeration

Company Profile on Liebherr Refrigeration

Liebherr is one of the major manufacturer of commercial refrigeration worldwide with operations across 30 countries.

Company Profile on Liebherr Refrigeration

Refrigeration appliances have become an integral part of every home to preserve edibles from spoiling. You can see a number of companies providing various models of refrigerators through retail outlets and online portals. The name of Liebherr Company in this field is well known because of the outstanding products manufacturing for both residential as well as commercial purpose. They are expertise in manufacturing various attractive models according to the requirement of customers. Instead of regular shapes, they use innovative ideas so that your requirement can be easily fulfilled. Here are some services that this refrigeration company is providing for homes and commercial areas:-

1) Residential purpose

For residential use, you will need special space for storing a different kind of stuff separately. The appliances that Liebherr offering for home use are:-

· Fully integrated

· Built in appliances

· Undercounted and beverages

· Cabinet for the storage of wine and cigar

According to the convenience, you can opt out any of the options and integrate it with your living room or kitchen. All of these appliances come in different shapes and sizes that can easily fit in both congested and open space. The innovative designs and quality of their products suits to every person’s need individually.

Bio fresh technology for both hydro and dry safe purposes

The Liebherr Company uses the special BioFresh technique so that your edibles will remain consumable for a long time. Normal fruits and vegetables remain fresh for around a month whereas meat items remain eatable for around 6 days. The manufacturers understand that every product requires different conditions to stay fresh; low temperature is not the only way to make it possible. That is why the company is providing cabinets separately where one can store products as per hydro safe and dry safe conditions. Both of these chambers prevent food from spoiling by excessive or less cooling.

2) Commercial purpose

For commercial purpose, refrigeration needs extensive features as compare to residential appliances. Liebherr understands this issue that is why they have a solution for every industry. Refrigeration is not just about cooling food items when it comes to commercial purpose, there are many other important uses too. From this company, you can expect commercial appliance for:-

· Food service industry, chest freezer.

· Frozen food and ice-cream industry

· Beverage industry

· Research, laboratory and pharmaceutical storage

· Wine and cigar storage

A complete range of different refrigeration appliances is provided by Liebherr so that you don’t need to look for the second option. The commercial refrigerators are also available in different sizes so that you can easily adjust them as per the requirement of space and business. The outer body of every industrial appliance is built with robust material to avoid any breakdown. Liebherr units are designed to suit the latest trend, ideal equipment recommended in some of the top cafe ideas magazine.

All cooling appliances available at this company are energy saving as compare to other competitors. Also, innovative techniques are empowering various salient features of their products that are not available at any other manufacturer. Talking about the design, it perfectly suits to the modern kitchen as well as suitable for industrial use too. Customers can get 24X7 customer support in case of any malfunctioning or usage related issues.

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