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Company Profile About Penny Appeal Australia Organization

Penny Appeal Organization Australia

Penny Appeal Australia was established in 2016 to provide poverty relief across, the Middle East, Asia and Africa by organizing mass feeding programmes, supporting orphan care, offering water solutions medical aid and providing emergency food.

This is multicultural and developmental organization addressing socioeconomic factors especially causes of inter-generational poverty.


This is a non-profit developmental organization which alleviates poverty through sustainable programs. The main mission is to bring about an equitable world by eradicating root causes of poverty by gap reduction between founders and poor communities by ending inter-generational poverty.


  • Transparency through open communication with donors and partners
  • Sustainability through sustainable programs and institutions
  • Innovation


The work and events to raise funds for their programs include:

  • Fundraising dinners and launch events especially in major cities.
  • Partnering with various foundations across the world
  • Speaker awareness, series and webinars with renowned speakers
  • Bubble ball tournaments to promote digital literacy.
  • Monthly game nights with college students and young professionals


Penny Appeal Australia is focusing on:

  1. Tackling the root causes of poverty through sustainable methods domestically and internationally.
  2. Save lives during disasters and responding to emergencies. This is mainly war tone zone and world regions which are prone to natural disasters such flood, famine, hurricanes and earthquakes.
  3. Building orphan-villages across the world. The houses are designed to provide holistic support and care for disadvantaged orphan children through a secure family setting and providing them with psychological, physical and emotional growth.
  4. Bridging the digital divide; Penny Appeal has partnered and supported schools such as in Asia and Africa the organization provided the school with printers, projectors, scanners and equipped their computer lab thus the work positively impacted 385 students, parents and teachers. The school lacked the basic and necessary technology to equip the students with the skills to succeed in the world. Over 200 students currently are benefiting from a new IT lab provide by Penny appeal.
  5. Resettlement of refugees; In over 30 countries worldwide through refugee services Penny Appeal provided personal computers for women led refugee households.
  6. Providing access to social services and supplies. The world populations are suffering from poverty and unemployment due lack of knowledge, language barrier and inaccessibility to information.
  7. Women empowerment. In all Penny Appeal, women are the instructors, thus encouraging and normalizing the participation of women and girls in development and education.
  8. Thirst reliefs wells through Deep water wells and water hand pump programmes. Providing fresh, clean water in their thirst relief program helps to revitalize people’s lives, health, education and livelihood. Water borne diseases such worm infections, diarrhea, hepatitis and typhoid have consumed lives and lack of clean water has exposed many lives to danger and serious health issues.


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