VTech- The Inventor of Educational Toys

Company Profile- Vtech

VTech- One leading name in the industry of educational toy manufacturing has given millions of kids a reason to smile. Today, almost every country is selling VTech toys which are renowned for its excellent quality and power pack performances. Their range of products is made with latest designing, compressed with cutting edge look to define toy designing in an improvised manner.

It’s all about VTech-

A Chinese global seller of electronic toys, VTech has been coming up with ultra iconic toys range which is inspiring the whole world to think out of the box. Till now, they have launched a series of kids’ entertainment products which are designed especially for infants to all the preschoolers. Among all, their range of cordless phones has been a great attention throughout the years.

With its rising business, it has enlisted itself in the list of top 50 electronic manufacturers on the global platform. VTech being a public company has earned a lot of reputation and popularity with its product range that has become a dream for almost every toddler, at present.

Having its headquarters in Hong Kong, China, currently, the company offers a wide range of products including- residential phones, educational toys, electronic manufacturing services, hotel phones, cordless headsets, baby monitors and much more.

Running a successful name with around 30,000 of manpower and 41 years of work experience, VTech has successfully made a net worth of US $203.3 million.

Company History-

Unearthed in October, 1976, this company was initially named as ‘Video Technology Limited.’ Started by two entrepreneurs, Stephen Leung and Allan Wong, this group started working on developing and designing home video games and experimented them for one good year. After getting a positive response from the public, they started to manufacture even more games but with an improvised technology and design.

The company was renamed again in 1991 which eventually made it ‘VTech Holdings Limited.’ This was basically done to promote & represent a wide range of products. Both the entrepreneurs got an idea of manufacturing portable devices when Intel Microprocessor single-chip came into existence in the 1970s. This somehow inspired both of them to come up with a range of electronic products.

They started with video games but later introduced home TV game consoles and much more. With the influence of technology and demands, they even launched a variety of LED games which soon became the hotshot of the town. Though, they came up with this idea but as these were developed by RadioShack in the U.S, so, the entrepreneurs decided to launch them under RadioShack brand name.

After so many years of experience, in Feb 1980, again VTech came up with a versatile and meaningful product name as ‘Lesson One,’ which was all about letting toddlers learn the basic spellings and writing format of numeric and alphabets. This game was launched at the New York Toy Fair and got sufficient amount of recognition at the time of launch.

Just like this, VTech has been inspiring us with its range of products and giving us a reason to trust them blindly.