Weidmuller- Right Solution For Power Electronics

Company Profile Weidmuller- A Complete Insider to Its Road to Glory

Established in the year 1850, Weidmuller, today is of the most global trusted partners for businesses in the domain of industrial manufacturing. The company has made a worldwide mark with its promise of cutting-edge technology without compensating on the durability of its range of industrial products and solutions.

The USB for Their Significant Growth

Over the years, been the best was never easy, with the world undergoing an industrial revolution. They had to be a step ahead unearthing technologies of tomorrow; Weidmuller, however, lived up to it by continually working in the direction of presenting their business clients something exclusive, something extra for a better world. Till now this company is continuously developing pioneering, unsustainable, and breakthrough solutions to leave a mark of authority in today’s modernised industrial world.

The significant landmark they accomplished

Since establishment, this company have attained several awards, broken plethora of records. But the biggest one was achieved two years back. In the year 2015, the fiscal report of Weidmuller put forth, 696 million Euros sales with 4,500 employees. At present this group has a dominant presence in more than 80 nations across the globe, with its manufacturing units, sales operatives, and branch offices.

The Journey of the Company

The journey of Weidmuller began as a textile manufacturer in the year 1850. Then, in 1948, Reestablishment of C. A. Weidmüller took place in Detmold. Between the year ranges 1959 – 1985, it became the first company to take part in the Hanover Trade Fair, reaching a new high of world acceptance. From the year 1991 to 1997, the company bagged two certifications, one being the Certification of ISO 9001 / 9002 (1993), while the other one was the Certification for environmental management ISO EN 14001.

In the year 2003, this company founded an academy, named Weidmüller Academy to train raw talents and fuel their ever-long pursuit to be a stay above their rivals. And, this is the reason why Weidmuller has remained unrivaled over the year. And lastly, to strengthen its Asian base in 2008, the start started its operation in world’s biggest democracy, India.

Innovations and Quality

Innovations and quality are two entities, which ensured this company stay afloat with its consumers and business client’s needs and requirements with every passing decade. In the direction of innovation and quality, the company has worked continually, by hoarding fresh and experienced talent to create the right mingle for a winning team and adapting newer technologies.

Over the years, Weidmuller has been praised globally for creating tailor-made products and solutions for the landscape of industry. Being a cornerstone name in the global industrial goods manufacturing world, Weidmuller has also been on toes when it comes to innovation and delivering quality. And, lastly, have partnered with companies and institutions to strengthen their dominant foothold in the global market.

Concluding thought, if you are a business, and planning to buy some big tools and equipment, and then get in touch with this company for quality and functionality. You will get all the information on its official website.