Metlam- Making Bathrooms More Luxurious

Metlam- Company Profile

Metlam – This name is enough to bring a smile on anyone’s face who is about to either refurbish or construct a new bathroom for his/her home. Metlam is an Australian owned company or a renowned brand in the industry of bathroom fittings and accessories. Their products are well known for quality, reliability, care, flamboyance, and convenience.

At present, they deliver a wide array of products to residential, commercials, hospitality, science, education, public convenience and much more sections.

History of Metlam 

Unearthed in 1990, Metlam has earned a lot of genuine customers till now. Initially, they came up with quality showers and paper towel dispensers. And when they witnessed a successful start, they soon thought of launching the series of bathroom accessories.

Currently, Metlam Australian Pty Ltd, designs, manufactures and supplies a complete range of bathroom fittings and accessories. Their products are readily available in almost every corner of UK, Middle East, Asia and of course Australia as well.

Metlam range of products

Metlam got recognition because of its quality and reliable series of products which acted as the base for constructing the bridge of trust between the brand and countless customers. This becomes possible because of the high-quality raw material used for the manufacturing of products which includes- #304 stainless steel, Nylon from Europe and zinc die cast alloys from Australia. And their range of products includes- mirrors, bathroom series, baby change stations,

Work criteria of Metlam

The best thing about Metlam is that they understand the value of furnishing your dream home. And to accomplish such goals, they cater to all your wishes in terms of designing your bathroom. Right from designing to setting up the bathroom accessory machine, they recommend your wise advice at every step.

With this, you get all the liberty to make amendments in any of Metlam’s range of product. Designing your own dream bathroom becomes quite easier with Metlam as they ask for your reference or wish to finish up the product.

Now as compared to readily available products, the modified or order based products are a bit high in cost. With such terms and conditions, a huge majority of people are not able to afford it. To simply it, Metlam offers you an estimation service as well where an exact amount to be paid is disclosed in front of you so that you can have enough time to make up your mind, if you want that particular product or not.

This helps you save loads of bucks on your end and make the right decision if you want this for your bathroom refurbishing or not.

A few years back, on customers demand, Metlam came up with an after delivery service as well. This included a customer care department which helps existing customers in understanding the technical operations and installation procedure of any particular product. With this, Metlam even came up with warranty services where the customers can replace or return the product if it is under the warranty.

This initiative made people show their trust in Metlam services and range of products.