What You Need To Know About Washtech Dishwashers

What You Need To Know About Washtech Dishwashers


Washtech Dishwashers Sydney is a company that specializes in the creation and distribution of high quality dishwashing systems. Their main focus and ethics revolve around longevity, simplicity, and effectiveness in the design of their dishwashers. Because of this, they are now a certified manufacturer in the industry.


washtech commercial dishwasherWashtech’s 30+ year history begins in 1981, where it was founded by Gary Brent and Des Brent in Auckland, New Zealand. At this time, the two released their first washing machine, which was also the first undercounter dishwasher. This invention’s innovation was quickly popular due to its convenience, as it allowed the common folk more table space in the kitchen with the luxury of a dishwasher. Proceeding the success of their machine, the two created even more products, including glasswashers, potwashers, and of course, new dishwashing machines. Once 1989 had rolled in, Des and Gary Brent adopted the brand name “Washtech”, entered the Australian market, and formed a base in Brisbane, Australia. They had gained their before mentioned certification in 1993. Cut to present day, and Washtech is now the largest figure in creation of dishwashing machines in Australia.

Variety of Dishwashers Sold

Ever since the brand has taken off, many dishwashers for many situations and environments have been created by Washtech. On the website, the company divides their dishwashers into three categories: “compact undercounter”, “upright passthrough”, and “conveyor and flight” systems. The first to mention is, of course, their undercounter compact dishwashers. For example, their “Washtech GLV”, which is a “high performance undercounter commercial dishwasher“, featuring upper-half and lower-half wash systems for separate cleaning cycles, both equipped with 450mm plastic racks. These models are very usually associated with domestic use in homes. The second, being the upright passthrough, is a model that stands up rather than be inserted into a kitchen counter and very usually has two wash systems. The best example is their newest version, the Washtech AL, being a “premium passthrough dishwasher”, has an astounding cycle time of 40 seconds, which leads to a rate of 1400 dishes per hour. It as well has 500mm racks and circulates water at around 650 liters a minute. These models are associated with professional kitchen environments usually. And finally, the third category which combines the last two models, being the conveyor and flight models. The conveyor is a model that runs dishes through an interior conveyor, using less energy and less water than other types of dishwashers. The Washtech CD 150 is a popular version of their conveyor model. The CD 150 boasts three different wash phases, speed settings between 150 racks per hour to 200 racks per hour, a low water-cost of 300 liters an hour, and simple controls to keep cleaning as quick as possible. The conveyor is also known for its placement in professional kitchens. The flight model, easily the most complex and expensive of any model, is a far more professional dishwasher than any else from Washtech, as it comprises their past models into a single masterpiece. Their main flight model, the “Flight Euro”, can wash up to a colossal 8500 dishes an hour. It also can wash any type of kitchen equipment and dish. Due to it’s price and professional nature, the flight model is purely meant for kitchens set in restaurants.


To wrap up, Washtech remains as a quality competitor in the dishwashing industry, as well as the best in Australia and one of the best in the entire world. The ethics of the company as well as their masterful touch on dishwasher construction can be recommended and referred to any individual looking for a quality dishwasher for any situation and environment.

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