Commercial food processor benefits

Commercial food processor advantages

A commercial food processor is an electric kitchen appliance that chops, shreds, slices, and blends different kinds of food. Nowadays it is considered a necessary requisite for every home and restaurant. A commercial food processor can be used to prepare some recipes. They also make the preparation of meals simpler and faster. It was invented by Pierre Verdon who was a catering company salesman. The device involved a bowl with a rotating blade at the bottom. It evolved into a motor driven food processor used by the commercial catering industry in the late 1960’s.

Commercial food processor eases the process of food preparing especially for mass production of food benefiting food caterer. Any food that requires chopping and mixing can be one by the food processor itself. All that is needed is an “S” blade that can slice and mix. If ones need it to be very fine, contemporary spin is recommended, and pulse spin is for those who fancy more rough results.

It is like the blender performs several cooking tasks. Its uses, however, are restricted due to it having a single fixed blade. A commercial food processor, in contrast, has a mixture of interchangeable blades that are driven by an electric motor. They have different attachments like a dough blade, an egg whip, julienne disc, citrus juicer and a French fry disc. It can perform tasks like chopping, shredding, and grating, mixing, kneading and slicing which are very crucial in a commercial setting like a restaurant. One of the most efficient processor all time is Robot Coupe.

A commercial food processor has a wide job description including shredding, mixing, slicing, chopping, grinding and pureeing. With the wide job scope, cooking has been easy for everyone, not to mention, time-saving too. For instance, tomato based pasta sauce can be made from scratch using fresh tomato and herbs. Cheese can be shreds just before serving to ensure freshness.

Being a simple device, a food processor can be used by anyone who has the passion for cooking. Recipes are easily found on the internet for various concerns, may it be vegetarians or simple recipes. Some recipes require no cooking to preserve the nutrient content. Some nutrient such as vitamin C is perishable due to heating.

There is a broad range of brands and models available on the market. All these types differ in power, speed, bowl size and shape of a blade for instance. A commercial food processor would come in three general bowl sizes. These are the mini, compact and full sized bowls. Equally, your establishment or catering company can go in for a food processor that has varying speeds or pulse settings. The speed pattern could be varied with the use of buttons or through a touchpad panel. It has been fitted with a heavier base that gives it greater stability when the processor is in use. Furthermore, most processors have the safety mechanism that prevents the motor from operating if the bowl is not rightly attached to the base.

One thing worthy of note is that before you purchase a food processor to use for commercial purposes, take into consideration the cooking needs of your organization. This is to ensure that you buy the required one that has features you would eventually use. The quality of meals served or given to customers would also be enhanced.

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