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Authors — We Want You!

Now that Linux Journal has taken over Linux Gazette from John Fisk, we need you. Anyone wishing to submit Linux tips and tricks or short articles on Linux related subjects for publication in the Gazette, please send your material to

My plan is to post a new issue of the Gazette on the last working day of each month. Whether or not this happens will depend on writers getting articles to me each month. You will need to submit any articles — full size or just quick tips and tricks — to me at least a week before the end of the month for it to be included in the next month’s issue. Basically you may send articles whenever and as often as you like — the date received will only determine in which issue it will be placed. By the way, sending your articles already tagged for HTML would be a big help.

Also, Linux Journal will have some space for a Linux Gazette page and/or pages. I’m going to take as much space as the LJ editor will allow me to print as much as I can of the neat stuff that you send. So your articles will appear first on-line in the Gazette and then possibly again in hard copy print in LJ magazine.

Any ideas or suggestions you would like to make about the Gazette will be welcome.

Marjorie L. Richardson
Editor, Linux Gazette

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