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  • « I am searching for only 10 elite individuals with the work ethic necessary to generate a cash-flow for themselves of $2,000 – $5,000per week. »
    • « Somos XXXXX – COLOMBIA, ONG que trabaja en favor de los Niños de las Calles Colombianas. Trabajamos por la infancia que ha recibido como herencia un país destruido y roto por la violencia y la corrupción…. En nuestra TIENDA SOLIDARIA encontrara la satisfaccion solidaria a su gusto. En ella entre otras cosas puedes afiliarte a nuestro « Club Niños de Papel » el cual sera nuestra gran base humana, para conseguir la recuperación de los niños de la calle de Colombia. »

      [I’m not sure of this translation since I’m not a native Spanish speaker, but here goes: « We are XXXXX – Colombia, (NGO, Non-Governmental Organization?), who labor for Colombia’s street kids. We work for the child who has inherited a country destroyed by violence and corruption…. In our SOLIDARITY SHOP you’ll find the means to satisfy your yearning for solidarity with them. In it among other things you can join our « Paper Children Club », which will be our great human base to help the street kids of Colombia to recover. » Hmm, save the children by buying a trinket. And how much of the profits go to the children?]

    • « Dear Friend! How are you today? We hope you’re doing great. We are happy to announce that our famous Secret Wealth Money-Making System is now being released again to the general public. »
    • This is a legitimate business announcement, being sent in compliance with all rules & regulations that govern internet commerce. We respect your privacy. You received this email because we are on the same opt in list or we’ve had contact in the past. »
    • « ^[$BFMA3$N%a!
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