BogoMips mini-Howto: How to determine what the current BogoMips rating is

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There are three methods to determing the current BogoMips, viz.

  1. looking in /proc/cpuinfo, e.g., with 'cat /proc/cpuinfo'.
  2. looking in the syslog output to see what was printed there during booting (if necessary retrieving the information explicitly with dmesg or syslogk) or
  3. using the standalone bogomips program.

And non determinative alternative may be, also applicable for non-Linux systems, such as Crays an so on, the standalone BogoMips program. From the readme file by Jeff Tranter,

`Tired of rebooting your system so you can see how many BogoMIPS it’s running at today? … « Bogomips » is a standalone program that displays your system performance using one of the world’s most recognized benchmarks. It uses the same code that is used in the Linux kernel while booting, but runs as a user program. … Version 1.3 of BogoMIPs is now portable and should run on any system that supports an ANSI C compiler and library.’

Note that due to system load values calculated with the standalone program may be lower than registered in the list below. Intrinsically the standalone cannot give precisely similar information to the boot sequence BogoMips, since system load will compete with this program run by an ordinary user.

Be aware that the file contains the latest version 1.3 (sic), which is yet rather outdated.

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