BogoMips mini-Howto: What about clone CPUs (Cyrix, NexGen, AMD, etc)

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Cyrix 486-like CPUs need cache enabling software, sometimes referred to as BogoBoost software. Cyrix 5×86 and 6×86 CPUs may have their BogoMips improved drastically by branch-prediction (BIOS option). Note that the performance improvement may be marginal. There are several packages available for adjusting Cyrix CPUs, such as the bogoboost patch, cx5x86mod, and set6x86, all from the normal archives, in obvious places. It is reported the Cyrix 6×86 CPUs may give better performance when the kernel is compiled with 486-optimization, instead Pentium-optimization.

NexGen 386-enhanced CPUs, marked as Nx586, are listed as 386-like, since the fact that they are performing like Pentium machines is not relevant to BogoMips.

AMD 5×86, also denoted as AMD 486DX5, are quadrupled 486/33 machines. They are fully in line with other 486 CPUs. The AMD K5 and the K6 are Pentium-like CPUs, with their own BogoMips multipliers.

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