BogoMips mini-Howto: Why to pay attention to BogoMips

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Let me add that there are only two reasons for paying attention to the BogoMips rating that is presented on booting Linux:

  1. To see whether it is in the proper range for the particular processor, its clock frequency, and the potentially present cache. Many CPUs are prone to faulty setups of
    • memory cache setting (write-back is wrong for BogoMips, often reported lower than 5; write-through is ok)
    • turbo-buttons (should be ON)
    • BIOS-software emulated fake cache (change it for real cache)
    • similar cache and clock related things.
  2. To see whether your system is faster than mine. Of course this is completely wrong, unreliable, ill-founded, and utterly useless, but all benchmarks suffer from this same problem. So why not use it? This inherent stupidity has never before stopped people from using benchmarks, has it? 🙂

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