Building Software Packages for Linux: References and Further Reading

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BORLAND C++ TOOLS AND UTILITIES GUIDE, Borland International, 1992,
pp. 9-42.
[One of the manuals distributed with Borland C++, ver. 3.1. Gives
a fairly good intro to Make syntax and concepts, using Borland's limited
implementation thereof.]

DuBois, Paul: SOFTWARE PORTABILITY WITH IMAKE, O'Reilly and Associates,
1996, ISBN 1-56592-226-3.
[This is reputed to be the definitive Imake reference, though I did not
have it available when writing this article.]

Lehey, Greg: PORTING UNIX SOFTWARE, O'Reilly and Associates, 1995, ISBN

Mui, Linda and Valerie Quercia: X USER TOOLS, O'Reilly and Associates,
1994, ISBN 1-56592-019-8, pp. 734-760.

Oram, Andrew and Steve Talbott: MANAGING PROJECTS WITH MAKE, O'Reilly
and Associates, 1991, ISBN 0-937175-90-0.

Stallman, Richard M. and Roland McGrath: GNU MAKE, Free Software
Foundation, 1995, ISBN 1-882114-78-7.

Welsh, Matt and Lar Kaufman: RUNNING LINUX, O'Reilly and Associates,
1995, ISBN 1-56592-100-3, pp. 325-333, 377-379, 381.
[Still the best overall Linux reference, though lacking in depth
in some areas.]

And, of course, the man pages for make, imake, xmkmf, and ldconfig.

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