Diald Howto

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This document shows some typical scenarios for easy start using Diald. These scenarios include a connection from a standalone computer to an ISP using PPP over a modem without using pon/poff or ppp-on/ppp-off to a proxy/firewall server with different Internet connections through various ISPs.

1. Introduction

  • 1.1 Objectives
  • 1.2 New versions
  • 1.3 Thanks

2. Copyright and discharge of responsibility

3. Quick Diald operation description

4. Note about authentication

5. Notes about DNS name resolution

6. Connecting a standalone computer to an ISP using a modem and PPP

7. Conecting a computer to a group of different ISPs with a modem and PPP

8. Connecting a proxy/firewall to an ISP using a modem and PPP

9. Programs and versions used

10. More information

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