DSL HOWTO for Linux

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v1.3, 2001-06-25

Revision History
Revision v1.3 2001-06-25 Revised by: hb
Updates to various sections.
Revision v1.2 2001-03-28 Revised by: hb
Assorted changes and additions.
Revision v1.1 2000-11-14 Revised by: hb
Many miscellaneous minor corrections and updates.
Revision v0.99 2000-09-05 Revised by: hb
Various updates, additions and new sections.
Revision v0.92 1999-04-10 Revised by: df
First release (ADSL mini HOWTO).

This document examines the DSL family of high speed Internet services now being deployed in various markets worldwide. Information is included on the technology behind DSL as well as subscribing, installing, configuring, and troubleshooting, with an emphasis on how this impacts Linux users.

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