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 *hangulin.txt* For Vim version 5.4. Last change: 1999 Jun 11 VIM REFERENCE MANUAL by Chi-Deok Hwang and Sung-Hyun Nam Introduction *hangul*
It is to input hangul, the korean language, with VIM GUI version.
If you have a XIM program, you can use another |+xim| feature.
Basically, it is for whom has no XIM program. Compile
Next is a basic option. You can add any other configure option. ./configure --with-x --enable-multibyte --enable-fontset --enable-hangulinput And you should check the feature.h. If |+hangul_input| feature is enabled
by configure, you can select more options such as keyboard type, 2 bulsik
or 3 bulsik. You can find keywords like next in there. #define HANGUL_DEFAULT_KEYBOARD 2 #define ESC_CHG_TO_ENG_MODE /* #define X_LOCALE */ /* #define SLOW_XSERVER */ Environment variables
You should set LANG variable to korean locale such as ko or ko_KR.euc.
If you set LC_ALL variable, it should be set to korean locale also. VIM resource
You should add nexts to your global vimrc ($HOME/.vimrc). set fileencoding=korea Keyboard
You can change keyboard type (2 bulsik or 3 bulsik) using VIM_KEYBOARD
or HANGUL_KEYBOARD_TYPE environment variables. For sh, just do (2 bulsik): export VIM_KEYBOARD="2"
or export HANGUL_KEYBOARD_TYPE="2" If both are set, VIM_KEYBOARD has higher priority. Hangul Fonts
You can set text font using $HOME/.Xdefaults or $HOME/.gvimrc.
But to use Hangul, you should set 'guifontset' in your vimrc. $HOME/.Xdefaults: Vim.font: english_font ! Nexts are for hangul menu with Athena *international: True Vim*fontSet: english_font,hangul_font ! Nexts are for hangul menu with Motif *international: True Vim*fontList: english_font;hangul_font: $HOME/.gvimrc: set guifontset=english_font,hangul_font attention! the , (comma) or ; (semicolon) And there should be no ':set guifont'. If it exists, then Gvim ignores
':set guifontset'. It means VIM runs without fontset supporting.
So, you can see only english. Hangul does not be correctly displayed. After 'fontset' feature is enabled, VIM does not allow using 'font'.
For example, if you use :set guifontset=eng_font,your_font
in your .gvimrc, then you should do for syntax :hi Comment guifg=Cyan font=another_eng_font,another_your_font
If you just do :hi Comment font=another_eng_font
then you can see a GOOD error message. Be careful! hangul_font width should be twice than english_font width. Unsupported Feature
Johab font not yet supported. And I don't have any plan.
If you really want to use johab font, you can use the
hanguldraw.c in gau package. Hanja input not yet supported. And I don't have any plan.
If you really want to input hanja, just use VIM with hanterm. Bug or Comment
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