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perfect-face-280x300-8606819According to a Hindu legend,when Lord Rama came vis-a-vis his rival in a war,Lord Rama’s opponent stunned by his appearance and he narrated few poems about Lord Rama’s radiant posture and his perfect face before engaging the battle.So does Lord Rama has a perfect face? now let me walk you through the concept of perfect face.Well, whenever you look at someone’s face,what is it that you notice first? their eyes? their lips? or something else? the answer to this might vary from person to person.

Lately many researches and surveys are conducted based on this issue.Many of them infer that though eyes make a long lasting effect on someone ,it’s the smile that makes them differ from one another.So if you saw someone with great eyes you probably like them and remember them for a long time but there is a chance that you might confuse them with someone else at certain context in your life.But if you notice the smile on someone’s face it gets registered on your mind so bad that you will be able to distinguish them with others all the time.To put in much simpler and interesting way,consider this scenario.Let us say that you are in a game show and you have to identify people based on their facial parts.You can easily win the game if you were given smiling picture as your clue.

Smile not only helps in distinguishing people,it also partially reflects your nature,mood and your character.So having a perfect smile is very important in having a perfect face.Smile is not just about flashing your teeth for having few great selfies, it’s much beyond that.You can easily identify when a person fakes his/her smile no matter how beautiful he/she is.So smile should not come from your lips but it should from your heart.In order to have a perfect face you must express yourself honestly and confidently.Only then the other person can perceive your facial expressions in an effective way.Your face should be clean irrespective of your skin type. You should have a positive attitude and be mentally fit and mature if you want to have a perfect face. Skin tone and aging has nothing to do with having a perfect face.Letting out all your stress and adopting a healthy lifestyle and diet greatly helps in getting a perfect face.