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Here is a list of things have been requested or that are in the works. They in no particular order. Tasks that are outstanding are designated with a square. Tasks which are complete but not in the current release yet are designated with a circle, and tasks which have been completed and are in the current release are designated with a bullet.

Feature requests and bug reports are always welcome. They should be sent to

  • Redesign the database backend to support additional enhancements:
    • Phrase searching
    • Field-based searching
    • « Collections » of multiple databases
    • Continual indexing
    • Parallel indexing and searching
  • Add support for BSDI make program
  • Add support for different transport protocols
    • Gopher
    • FTP
    • local filesystem
    • HTTPS
    • HTTP/1.1
  • Better Internationalization
    • Support for UTF-8
    • Allow character translation (e.g. remove accents)
  • Better examples of configuration and result templates
  • Eliminate or detect duplicate documents
  • Send one e-mail per author using htnotify
  • Allow « external decoders, » programs to perform some action on files before parsing.
    • Compress, gzip, bzip2, zlib decoders
    • DVI, TeX -> PS decoders
  • Allow XSSI or similar expansion in search templates
  • AltaVista style +/- boolean queries
  • Support for browser cookies and a browser cache
  • Search improvements
    • Phrase searching
    • New fuzzy search types
      • Automatic spelling correction
      • Trigram matching
      • Regex word match

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