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 *if_sniff.txt*       For Vim version 5.4. Last change: 1999 Jun 11 VIM REFERENCE MANUAL by Anton Leherbauer (toni@takefive.co.at) SNiFF+ and Vim *sniff* 1. Introduction |sniff-intro|
2. Commands |sniff-commands|
3. Compiling Vim with SNiFF+ interface |sniff-compiling| {Vi does not have any of these commands} The SNiFF+ interface only works, when Vim was compiled with the |+sniff|
feature. ============================================================================== 1. Introduction *sniff-intro* The following features for the use with SNiFF+ are available: * Vim can be used for all editing requests * SNiFF+ recognizes and updates all browsers when a file is saved in Vim * SNiFF+ commands can be issued directly from Vim How to use Vim with SNiFF+ 1. Make sure SNiFF+ is running. 2. In the Editor view of the Preferences dialog set the Field named 'External Editor' to 'Emacs/Vim'. 4. Start Vim 5. Connect to SNiFF+ (:sniff connect) Once a connection is established, SNiFF+ uses Vim for all requests to show or
edit source code. On the other hand, you can send queries to SNiFF+ with the
:sniff command. ============================================================================== 2. Commands *sniff-commands* *:sniff* *:sni*
:sni[ff] request [symbol] Send request to sniff with optional symbol. {not in Vi}
:sni[ff] Display all possible requests and the connection status Most requests require a symbol (identifier) as parameter. If it is omitted,
Vim will use the current word under the cursor.
The available requests are listed below: request mapping        description
connect sc      Establish connection with SNiFF+. Make sure SNiFF+ is prepared for this in the Preferences
disconnect sq   Disconnect from SNiFF+. You can reconnect any time with :sniff connect (or 'sc')
toggle st       Toggle between implementation and definition file
find-symbol sf  Load the symbol into a Symbol Browser
browse-class sb Loads the class into a Class Browser
superclass ss   Edit superclass of symbol
overridden so   Edit overridden method of symbol
retrieve-file srf       Retrieve symbol in current file
retrieve-project        srp     Retrieve symbol in current project
retrieve-all-projects   srP     Retrieve symbol in all projects
retrieve-next sR        Retrieve symbol using current Retriever settings
goto-symbol sg  Goto definition or implementation of symbol
hierarchy sh    Load symbol into the Hierarchy Browser
restr-hier sH   same as above but show only related classes
xref-to sxt     Start a refers-to query on symbol and load the results into the Cross Referencer
xref-by sxb     Start a referred-by query on symbol
xref-has sxh    Start a refers-to components query on symbol
xref-used-by sxu        Start a referred-by as component query on symbol
show-docu sd    Show documentation of symbol
gen-docu sD     Generate documentation of symbol The mappings are defined in a file 'sniff.vim', which is part of every SNiFF+
product ($SNIFF_DIR/config/sniff.vim). This file is sourced whenever Vim
connects to SNiFF+. ============================================================================== 3. Compiling Vim with SNiFF+ interface *sniff-compiling* To compile Vim with SNiFF+ support, you need two source files of the extra
archive: if_sniff.c and if_sniff.h.
On Unix: Edit the Makefile and uncomment the SNIFF macro definitions
On NT: Specifiy SNIFF=yes with your make command. top - back to help