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Revision History
Revision 3.10 2001-12-15 Revised by: dcm
Updated contacting LDP information.
Revision 3.9 2001-11-27 Revised by: sp
Updated CVS information.
Revision 3.8 2001-09-25 Revised by: dy
XML/XSLT information.
Revision 3.7 2001-06-20 Revised by: mfk
Now under the GFDL.
Revision 3.62 2001-03-13 Revised by: mfk
Spelling and grammar changes from Dave Edwards (amoamasam@sympatico.ca). Also performed some housecleaning from comments of discuss@linuxdoc.org.
Revision 3.6 2001-01-10 Revised by: mfk
First revision in DocBook XML. Added section covering writing in DB XML, since first rev is 4.1.
Revision 3.51 2001-01-05 Revised by: mfk
sgedit (now tksgml) is not free, included link for pricing, more XML info
Revision 3.5 Dec 4, 2000 Revised by: mfk
Changed mailing list pointers to new lists.
Revision 3.4 Dec 1, 2000 Revised by: dcm
Added Crediting Translators and Converters
Revision 3.3 Nov 11, 2000 Revised by: mfk
Added links to SGML GPL and FDL
Revision 3.1 Oct 10, 2000 Revised by: mfk
Spelling changes, changed list of LDP policies to now accept DocBook XML. More information about how to use *jade with XML will follow.
Revision 3.0 Aug 24, 2000 Revised by: gjf
Integrated David Merrill’s style guide document. Further clean-up and additions.
Revision 2.0 Jul 13, 2000 Revised by: mfk
Cleaned up using-docbook a bit. Moved some chapters
Revision 1.9 Jun 26, 2000 Revised by: mfk
Integrated Jorge’s using-docbook document.
Revision 1.5 Jun 14, 2000 Revised by: mfk
Documented sgedit
Revision 1.4 Jun 12, 2000 Revised by: mfk
Documented vim and sgedit. Spelling and other changes from ldp list. Also added LDP guidelines under style guide.
READ  Framebuffer HOWTO: Using framebuffer devices on ARM platforms

List the tools, procedures, and hints to get LDP authors up to speed and writing.