Linux Consultants HOWTO: About this document

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This is the Linux Consultants HOWTO. It is a listing of companies providing commercial Linux related support. If you contact any companies listed in this document, please mention the Linux Consultants HOWTO.

This document is maintained by Martin Michlmayr .

If you need to know more about the Linux Documentation Project or about Linux HOWTO’s, feel free to contact the supervisor Greg Hankins .

Greg Hankins will post the listing to several national and international newsgroups on a monthly basis. In addition, the Linux Consultants HOWTO can be found on the World Wide Web at New versions of the Linux Consultants HOWTO are always placed at this site first, so please be sure to check if the copy you are reading is still up to date!

Companies providing Linux support are invited to fill out the following form and contact me at

Address (If you are located in Germany, please specify your Bundesland): 
Contact (Name of contact person): 
Type of support (e.g. phone, EMail, remote network administration,
        inhouse, onsite): 
Special expertise (e.g. installation, programming services, system
        administration, Internet and Intranet connectivity,
        firewall installation, troubleshooting, training): 
Sample prices (please specify currency): 

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