Linux Frequently Asked Questions with Answers: Administrative information and acknowledgements.

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12.1 Feedback is invited.

Please send me your comments on this FAQ.

I accept submissions for the FAQ in any format; All contributions, comments, and corrections are gratefully received.

Please send them to <>.

If you wish to refer to a question(s) in the FAQ it’s most useful for me if you do so by the question heading, rather than the number, as the question numbers are generated automatically and I don’t see them in the source file I edit.

I prefer comments in English to patchfiles — I write the FAQ in a different internal format anyway, so I can’t use a patchfile.


12.2 Formats in which this FAQ is available.

This document is available as an ASCII text file, an Emacs Info document, an HTML World Wide Web page, PostScript and as a USENET news posting.

The ASCII, Emacs Info, HTML and posted versions and a Lout typesetter file (from which the PostScript is produced) are generated automatically by a Perl script which takes as input a file in the Bizarre Format with No Name.

The output files linux-faq.ascii, .info and .ps and a tarfile linux-faq.source.tar.gz, containing the BFNN source and Perl script converter, are available in the docs directories of the major Linux FTP sites.

The HTML version of this FAQ is available as and is mirrored at and other sites.

The USENET version is posted regularly to comp.os.linux.announce, comp.os.linux.answers, comp.answers and news.answers.


12.3 Authorship and acknowledgements.

This FAQ is compiled by Robert Kiesling <>, with assistance and comments from others too numerous to mention.

Special thanks are due to Matt Welsh, who moderated comp.os.linux.announce and comp.os.linux.answers, used to coordinate the HOWTOs and has written substantial portions of many of them, to Greg Hankins, who currently coordinates the HOWTOS, to Lars Wirzenius, who currently moderates comp.os.linux.announce, to Marc-Michel Corsini, who wrote the original Linux FAQ, and to Ian Jackson, the previous FAQ-maintainer.

Lire aussi...  Back Page LG #57

Thanks also to the many people who have sent comments and suggestions. They are too numerous to list here but their contributions are invaluable.

Last but not least, thanks to Linus Torvalds and the other contributors to Linux for giving us something to write about!


12.4 Disclaimer and Copyright.

Note that this document is provided « as is ». The information in it is *not* warranted to be correct. Use it at your own risk.

Linux Frequently Asked Questions with Answers is copyright (C) 1997 by Robert Kiesling <>. Portions are Copyright 1994, 1995, 1996 by Ian Jackson, the previous Linux FAQ maintainer.

Linux Frequently Asked Questions with Answers may be reproduced and distributed in its entirety (including this authorship, copyright, and permission notice), provided that no charge is made for the document itself, without the author’s consent. Portions may be reproduced for such purposes as reviews, advertising, and derivative works like translations, with the author’s consent.

Note that this restriction is not intended to prohibit charging for the service of printing or copying a document supplied by your customer.

Exceptions to these rules may be granted. I would be happy to answer any questions about this copyright. Email me at <>. These restrictions are here to protect the contributors, not to restrict you as educators and learners.

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