Linux Gazette 67: The Answer Gang

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There is no guarantee that your questions here will ever be answered. You can be published anonymously – just let us know!


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Greetings from Heather Stern

For those of you who’ve noticed this ran late, sorry ’bout that! I had a DSL outage … in fact, if it had just plain died it might have been easier, since I would have known to reach for a backup plan.

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But, things are all better now. Boy have I got a new appreciation for the plight of those stuck behind a slow dialup line. Ouchie. Now we have a brand new router and a freshly repaired external DSL drop.

Okay, enough of that. I want to give a big hand of appluase for the new, improved Answer Gang. The Gang deserves a giant standing ovation is that over 400 slices of mail passed through nthe box this month. That’s about twice as many as the month before… and a lot of people got answers smily-1928795

As always I remind you that we can’t guarantee that you’ll get one… and nowadays I can’t even manage to publish all the good ones. I stopped pubbing the short-and-sweet FAQs a few issues ago.

We have some summary bios. Not everyone — some of us are shy — but now you can know a few of the Gang a bit better.

Last but not least, there’s a big thanks to my Dad in there. Enjoy!

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