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envelope-1940720 Date: Fri, 24 Jan 1997 15:24:16 -0700
Subject: Update web link in my article
From: Henry Lu,

I have changed my web page (email is unchanged). Can you update my web page in the #10 issue, article « setting up a Dynamic web server »?

I got couple of email inquiry about the bad link.


(Be happy to fix it up. We like to stay up to date. –Editor)

envelope-1940720 Date: Tue, 21 Jan 1997 13:20:49 -0700
Subject: C++ Programming w/ Linux
From: James Cannon,

About a month ago I asked about help with C++ programming on Linux. I am currently using the Walnut Creek Slackware, kernel 1.3.20. I had a hard time getting a simple « Hello World » program to compile. « cc » couldn’t find the « .h » files like « stdio.h », which are normally in /usr/include. I had to create a « $INCLUDE » variable in my « .profile ». So, when compiling, I used « g++ -I $INCLUDE -o hello hello.c » to compile.

Well, I received help via e-mail pointing me to this page:
Look for the section titled: Problem Using G++.

Great mag!

James Cannon,

envelope-1940720 Date: Thu, 23 Jan 1997 20:36:39 -0800
Subject: Color Depths in X
From: Chris Spiegel,

(RE: Color depths in X)

Well, I know this isn’t really a fix, and it’s not that great, but I have 2 scripts. startx which starts me in 16 bit color and start8, which starts in 8 bit. As I said, not a solution, but a pretty painless alternative…

envelope-1940720 Date: Fri, 3 Jan 1997 17:14:19 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Further note about the spiral notebook page design.
From: Ben Boule,

Someone else noted that his web browser didn’t correctly show the spiral notebook background. I use Netscape, so that isn’t a problem for me, but I do have another problem with the background. It’s very hard to look at on an interlaced display. I can always switch to a non-interlaced mode in XFree86, but I’d bet some people can’t. I know that the interlaced mode that I use looks fine on 99.99% of web pages, so it usually isn’t a problem for me.

Ben Boule

envelope-1940720 Date: Mon, 06 Jan 1997 13:42:25 -0600
Subject: RE: Linux networking problem with VINES From: Jack N. Gallemore, To: Stephen,

Unfortunately, Banyan is a pretty tight (read: won’t work with much) OS, so you are pretty limited. There is a way for Linux to sign onto Banyan, but you have to use DOSEMU.60.1. The later versions will not work. (Disclaimer: I have not used the patch for dosemu.60.4). If you have not used DOSEMU, the setup is fairly straightforward.

As for using Linux as a resource, you will have to use IP stuff (ftp, telnet, etc) to do so. There are no ports for LinuxBanyan stuff.

BTW, Jon is still doing Linux and Banyan. His site ( is running Linux! Check it out!

Jack N. Gallemore

envelope-1940720 Date: Mon, 20 Jan 97 16:12:00 PST
Subject: Vines IP and TCP/IP
From: Denis Dimick,

Back on Dec 5, 1996 Stefan wrote wanting help with Vines.

Stefan the problem you’re having sounds like the Vines Servers are not passing TCP/IP.. By default Banyan Vines doesn’t pass route TCP/IP thru the servers. You have to have the TCP/IP option installed on all the servers your going to route thru. This option cost $$$ about $1200.00 US if I remember correctly. So there’s p[robally a good chance your school didn’t buy this option…

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Vines doesn’t have anything that will cause IP to tunnel via Vines IP.. So your only chance might be to get access to the same segment that the internet is running off of… But it sounds like your sysadmin is using the Banyan Server as the gateway to the internet, if this is the case your out of luck…

Since I’ve worked with Banyan Vines for the last 7 years, I’m sorry to say you might not be able to set up the Linux Box on the internet routing thru your Banyan Servers…


envelope-1940720 Date: Sat, 11 Jan 1997 11:49:18 -0700
Subject: Linux Applications and Utilities Page
From: David Puryear,

I came across Linux Applications and Utilities Page while I was learning about linux. It helped me get the feel for what is able in linux.

The guy that maintains it is Bill Latura. I hope people will get good use out of it and maybe help it become even more complete:)


(We found it too; see News Bytes. –Editor)

envelope-1940720 Date: Tue, 14 Jan 1997 06:06:09 -0800
Subject: isssue 8 & ftp server From: Rick Lim,

Hi there,
thanks for hosting the gazette. Is there a way of just downloading the text of each issue? I have downloaded LinuxGazette_jan97.tar.gz and it seems that issue8.txt is missing. also I have tried to ftp LinuxGazette_dec96.tar.gz but after 1770k of 2751k the server seemingly goes into ignore mode, this has happened about 5 times.

Thanks again

(Don’t know why you are having trouble ftp’ing LinuxGazette_dec96.tar.gz, but can tell you that you have LinuxGazette_jan97.tar.gz you have everything that is in dec96. We took over LG for issue 9, so there is no file issue8.txt or 1 to 7 either. We use Lynx to save the HTML as text. Perhaps we’ll do it for 1-8 one day when we have time. –Editor)

envelope-1940720 Date: Sun, 26 Jan 1997 17:00:35 -0600
Subject: suggestion
From: dave Stephens,

can you put some thing in each week for the new linux ueser the newbe things

thank you

(LG is posted once a month not weekly. All the material in LG is contributed to me by outside authors. I take whatever I get. A lot of it is geared toward the newbee, and this month we have a new column called « Clueless At the Prompt » by Mike List that is designed for the newbee. Sounds like just what you are looking for. –Editor)

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