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envelope-1065016 Mon, 29 Nov 1999 22:30:09 -0600
From: Matthew Woodward
Subject: Win98 ICS + Linux

Is there a way to have my Linux box access the internet via a Win98 box that has the Win98SE internet connection sharing (ICS) installed? I have my LAN setup fine (can ping, telnet, ftp, etc.), but I tried setting my Win98 box as my « default gateway » in RedHat 6.0, and it hits the Win98 box, but the connection is refused. Do any how-tos exist to get this to work?

envelope-1065016 Tue, 30 Nov 1999 15:48:28 +0100
From: magni
Subject: QUICK html browse/edit

Hi everybody,

I am in need of some program that let me browse and quickly edit HTML files. The reason is a grat lot of HTML local files that need VERY frequent updating. To launch the editor of Netscape – apart from the not-so-occasional crash, is way too slow.

It would be so fine to have a browser that, at the touch of some magic key, would allow to WRITE upon the html doc, and save it locally.

Are you aware of something like this?

Thank you


envelope-1065016 Tue, 30 Nov 1999 15:48:23 -0800
From: H. Gorkem Kuterdem
Subject: fopen() failure

Dear Editor;

I am having a weird problem (probably due to my omitting something someplace) with fopen. The program dumps core while executing the fopen() command. I have included some details below. I have tried to compile on different architectures (including Digital Unix 4.3 on an Alpha and the Windows (with Watcom C/C++ 10.5)) and this problem does not occur.

I would appreciate if you’d publish it in the Gazette or point me in the right direction. Your help will be appreicated.


Problem description:

Operating System: Redhat Linux 6.0 (With minor modifications to the boxed set, no significant additions to the programming packages except possibly efence)

Compiler: cc -c mss -g -lm *.c (thru make)
Debugger: gdb / ddd



FILE *fq;



The program dumps core (with a segmentation fault) while executing this line. The gdb output is:

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
chunk_alloc (ar_ptr=0x4011d580, nb4) at malloc.c:2723
malloc.c:2723: No such file or directory.
(gdb) up
#1  0x4008cb8a in __libc_malloc (bytes6) at malloc.c:2616
malloc.c:2616: No such file or directory.
(gdb) up
#2  0x40085e5b in _IO_new_fopen (filename=0x8052df2 "quan.071099",
    mode=0x8052df0 "w") at iofopen.c:42
iofopen.c:42: No such file or directory.
(gdb) up
#3  0x804f5e7 in scoll (seg=0x8062800, l1=0x8054610, l2=0x805a428,
    xpos=0x80638b0, d1=0x8060240, d2=0x8060bb0, d3=0x8061520,
    nseg=0xbffffcc0, mMU=0xbffffce0, Ntrx, numpts=3, topleaf)
    at scalc.c:640
640         fq=fopen("quan.071099","w");

envelope-1065016 Wed, 01 Dec 1999 08:24:14 PST
From: samir dobaria
Subject: sound card

i have installed linux 6.1 in my system. i am having ymf274 pci sound card (yamaha). when it autoprobes it detects the card but soon after it displays a message « This card is supported by Linux ». so where can i get the drivers and how to install it.

envelope-1065016 Wed, 1 Dec 1999 14:22:22 -0600
From: Web Development
Subject: Virtual Domain LIMIT??

We are running Red Hat 6.o on our Linux Box and have one IP # bined to the machine.

On that one IP# we have presently about 30 domains. All virtual domiains. We’ve messed with and fixed the whole « Old Browsers will not… » problem…that’s not our problem…

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Now we have had the box lock up TWICE when configuring the « linuxconf » to add another domain to that IP#.

SOLUTION: ??? Is there a limit to how many virtual domains you can have bound to ONE IP# Can we just bind ANOTHER IP# to the box and begin doing more virtual hosts with it?

PLEASE HELP!!! WE cannot add anymore domains to our server until we can figure this one out!


envelope-1065016 Wed, 1 Dec 1999 17:38:52 -0600
From: Gregory S. Waits
Subject: SSl


i need to setup my server to allow users on the server to access their pages via SSL.

i have created a site on the machine that has a secure certificate. « »

i looked at the information on to see if i coould find the information on how to do this. i beleive the information i have included below may be what we need to do.

can you look at this and tell me if this is the procedure and how i can do it?

any guidance would be appreciated.



envelope-1065016 Thu, 2 Dec 1999 01:26:24 -0800 (PST)
From: Michael Van Malderen
Subject: Linux Red Hat installation kernel panic Unable to mount root

I’m not sure if anyone can help me out here.

On installation of Red Hat Linux 6.0, i receive the error

crc errorVFS: Cannot open device 08:21 Kernel panic: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on 08:21

And then it stops, i know the reason, i think, but i don’t know what to do about it

I got windows 98 installed on a 9,5 Gb hard drive, and now, i want to install linux on the same drive. However, i did already install linux before, and in removing it, i removed my MBR(master boot record) under dos with command FDISK /MBR. So my MBR is blank now, and then i repartitioned my drive with partitionmagic 4.0 . Now, linux can’t mount the drive because in the MBR there is nothing telling linux there is a drive.

This i the reason for not retrieving my root.

Does anyone have a solution, for rewriting the MBR or telling linux where to mount the drive ???

Any other solution would be welcome too.

envelope-1065016 Thu, 02 Dec 1999 23:44:54 +0530
From: Naveen Aggarwal
Subject: intel 810 chipset

Does Linux support intel 810 chipset. I recently purchased an intel 810 chipset based computer. I was not able to install red hat 6.1 and caldera open linux 2.2 as the chipset was reported to be unidentified. Can i get more help on the same ? Thanks Naveen

envelope-1065016 Fri, 03 Dec 1999 06:24:55 -0600
From: Ken Mumme
Subject: Sendmail Problem?


Have installed Redhat Linux 6.0 on a machine connected to the internet using a static ip address, and have enabled the pop3 mail server.

I can send mail from this machine to other accounts located on remote systems, but when I try to send email from a remote account to this machine I get the following:

Subject: Returned mail: Service unavailable Date: Fri, 3 Dec 1999 05:39:22 -0600 (CST) From: Mail Delivery Subsystem  To:  The original message was received at Fri, 3 Dec 1999 05:39:21 -0600 (CST)
from [] ----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----
 ----- Transcript of session follows -----
... while talking to RCPT To: