Linux Gazette Table of Contents LG #38

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    • Help Wanted — Article Ideas
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  • News Bytes
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    • Software Announcements
  • The Answer Guy, by James T. Dennis
  • More 2 Cent Tips
  • Adding a Second IDE Hard Drive, by Mendel Leo Cooper
  • Compiling Programs on Linux, by JC Pollman
  • Graphics Muse, by Michael J. Hammel
  • Introduction to IRQs, DMAs and Base Addresses, by Eugene Blanchard
  • Linux Dialin Server Setup Guide, by Josh Gentry
  • Linux Installation Primer, Part 7, by Ron Jenkins
  • PAP HOWTO, by Terry Martin
  • The Slashdot Effect, An Analysis of Three Internet P ublications, by Stephen Adler
  • The Standard C Library for Linux, Part Four, by James M. Rogers
  • Why you might want to use the Library GPL for your next library, by Eric Kidd
  • Windows/Linux Dual Boot, by Vince Veselosky
  • The Back Page
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The Answer Guy

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