Linux Gazette Table of Contents LG #63

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  • The Answer Gang , by The Linux Gazette Answer Gang
  • More 2-Cent Tips
  • Linux On Your Desktop: Multimedia , by Marius Andreiana
  • Taming rand() and random() , by Ken O. Burtch
  • Merchant Empires: Coding your own PHP Universe , by Bryan Brunton
  • HelpDex , by Shane Collinge
  • Installing dict – An On-Line Dictionary , by Chris Gibbs
  • Downloading LinuxToday links and Linux Gazette’s TOC with Python (and Perl) , by Mark Nielsen
  • Securely Erasing a Hard Drive with Perl , by Mark Nielsen
  • Installing USB, PCMCIA and Kernel 2.2.18 On My Laptop , by Mark Nielsen
  • Clearing out the Master Boot Record (MBR) , by Ben Okopnik
  • IP Spoofing , by Kapil Sharma
  • XML parsing in AOLserver , by Irving Washington
  • The Back Page
    • About This Month’s Authors
    • Not Linux

Editor: Michael Orr
Technical Editor: Heather Stern
Senior Contributing Editor: Jim Dennis
Contributing Editors: Ben Okopnik, Dan Wilder, Don Marti

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