Linux IP Masquerade mini HOWTO: Miscellaneous

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5.2 Thanks to

  • Gabriel Beitler,
    on providing section 3.3.8 (setting up Novel)
  • Ed Doolittle,
    on suggestion to -V option in ipfwadm command for improved security
  • Matthew Driver,
    on helping extensively on this HOWTO, and providing section 3.3.1 (setting up Windows 95)
  • Ken Eves,
    on the FAQ that provides invaluable information for this HOWTO
  • Ed. Lott,
    for a long list of tested system and software
  • Nigel Metheringham, on contributing his version of IP Packet Filtering and IP Masquerading HOWTO, which make this HOWTO a better and technical in-depth document

    section 4.1, 4.2, and others

  • Keith Owens, on providing an excellent guide on ipfwadm section 4.2

    on correction to ipfwadm -deny option which avoids a security hole, and clarified the status of ping over ip_masq

  • Rob Pelkey,
    on providing section 3.3.6 and 3.3.7 (setting up MacTCP and Open Transport)
  • Harish Pillay,
    on providing section 4.5 (dial-on-demand using diald)
  • Mark Purcell,
    on providing section 4.6 (IPautofw)
  • John B. (Brent) Williams,
    on providing section 3.3.7 (setting up Open Transport)
  • Enrique Pessoa Xavier,
    on the bootp setup suggestion
  • developers of IP Masquerade for this great feature
    • Delian Delchev,
    • Nigel Metheringham,
    • Keith Owens,
    • Jeanette Pauline Middelink,
    • David A. Ranch,
    • Miquel van Smoorenburg,
    • Jos Vos,
  • all users sending feedback and suggestion to the mailing list, especially the ones who reported errors in the document and the clients that are supported and not supported
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5.3 Reference

  • IP masquerade FAQ by Ken Eves
  • IP masquerade mailing list archive by Indyramp Consulting
  • Ipfwadm page by X/OS
  • Various networking related Linux HOWTOs

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