Linux off-line mailing method (offline mailaddr with 1account): Help! (sigh)

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Well, you need help – isn’t 🙂 … hmm .. i could be sarcastic and just say « you could better do it again, ‘coz it looks a messy enuf » – or .. i could help … – I wrote down some common problems – IF you got any problem NOT listed in this HOWTO (section) – then mail me – and i’ll put it in this howto even with your name/email addr in it :). **BEFORE** mailing to me – please look if you didn’t forgot anything – and IF you want some help from me – send me the MOST DETAILED information – included the scripts & things you needed. i DON’T need any binaries – since i won’t run them.

6.1 The automation script just doesn’t work:

  • is it executable ?
  • is your (default shell) located at /bin/sh ?

6.2 What do you mean by « anonymous mailserver »?

  • Well, you could make accounts like « anon0001@yourdom.dom » – and forward it to another email address … nobody needs to read the .procmailrc file, so YOU ONLY know the address !.

6.3 My cat died

  • Well, next time don’t print this HOWTO out on 200 gram papers, since it are 10 pages it would be 2KG for the cat – it is JUST TOO HEAVY !

6.4 My dog died

  • hmm – can’t do anything about that one – why askin’ me ? … Just bury it ….

6.5 Linux?

  • A free-unix – posix compatible – made by Linus Torvalds … Why are you reading this if you even don’t know what Linux is ?

6.6 Can you help me with finding a mail account?

  • No! – this is a howto for YOUR side, i don’t care about the side of your isp, nor how to get your email address.

6.7 Why is the « maybe later i’ll make some addition … » removed ?

  • Read point 5.5 very carefully 🙂 and you’ll see why .. it’s ‘coz i needed to add it on general request 🙂
Lire aussi...  syntax

6.8 How do i get a « domain » ?

  • Ask your local ISP/provider – he will help you with it. It could take days/ even weeks when asking to the Internic – your provider can help.

6.9 Why are you so f*cking lame using this?

  • \coz i don’t want to spend money – and – ‘coz i feel like being f*cking lame USING it – i *AM* using it – so why bother?

6.10 Nosuchuserfile?

  • You can put in it what you want – as long you put some « needed » info so the original writer knows what happened with his « never delivered » mail.

6.11 Can my users write/send mail too?

  • This has nothing to do with the system i explained to you, read the sendmail manual … – this is to RECEIVE mail – to be « always available at an email address ».

6.12 Does every user need a shell account at my server?

  • Nope .. – but – it will be really hard for users not having internet access 🙂 … You could have a masq’d network – and use a computer connected to it – so the users can get their mail that way, or you can generate a link between a bulletin board and his mail, you could even forward it to a fidonet gate 🙂 … reasons enough not to give a shell!.

6.13 skeletion?

  • i know it is a typo – but – i like this word better.

6.14 Addmail?

  • No questions – for automation – you better be sure about what you are going to do … since – it COULD be a trojan ya know :))) (it isn’t but what means you need to know what scripting is before asking questions) It IS easy enough to interprete – that’s even why i put the comments with it. *IF* you are going to distribute this script – leave my Copyright in it please ! thanks :).

6.15 Why are you so cruel?

  • I am not cruel 🙂 i am nice 🙂 i am the nicest guy of the world, of the universe ! NOW SCRAM! (i just want to be complete in my HOWTO, and not TOO much « drifting away » from my original point in the doc – so 🙂 that’s all).

6.16 Didn’t you get a complaint of excessive language ?

  • Not yet, but, could be i’m filtering everything containing ‘excessive’ and language 🙂 i don’t know :))

6.17 Why is this howto different than most others?

  • \coz sometimes reading plain howto’s CAN be boring … i wanted to add something next to it …

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