Linux Remote-Boot mini-HOWTO: Configuring Remote-Boot Workstations with Red-Hat Linux, DOS, Windows 3.1 and Windows 95: What has changed…

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A lot of things:

  • The Linux server-based configuration and documentation have been completely redesigned. It is now based on RedHat Linux 4.1, updated to the 2.0.30 kernel. Linux system setup and maintenance has been much simplified.
  • The Dos and Windows configurations have been completely redesigned, using a « hard-disk based » approach. This makes the configuration MUCH easier, fasten the boot process, reduces the network load, and even allows for a server-based setup of Windows NT station (although this is not described in this document).
  • We now use a DHCP server, with standard DHCP/BOOTP extensions (RFC 2132).
  • This configuration now works also with Samba, the free SMB server, instead of a Novell server. In fact, we are now on the point of throwing away of our Novell server…

1.2 …since version 2.4 ?

A new banner feature has been added to the bpunzip utility. A bug in MRZIP, which caused « Bad compressed data » errors during disk image decompression, has been found and fixed.

Several precisions were added to the documentation. Links to related software ( Shared LAN Cache) and documentation (from J. Carlstedt, of The Cathedral School of Uppsala, Sweden) have also been added.

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