Locales mini-HOWTO: What you need.

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A few things need to be down loaded from various places. Everything here except for the locale source files can be obtained from sunsite.unc.edu, tsx-11.mit.edu, or, preferably, a local mirror of these sites. When I did this originally I used libc-5.2.18, which is now quite out of date. As of now I have been told that the current libc is 5.4.17, and this substitution has been made below. However, libc 5.4.17, will likely be old before you can blink, so just use the lastest version when you do this.

You may want to consider using glibc (gnu libc) rather than Linux libc 5 for any internationalization work. As of now glibc 2.0.4 (gnu libc) is available but no distributions have started using it as the standard libc yet (at least for Intel based Linux distributions). As well as being fully reentrant and having built in threading support, glibc is fully internationalized and has excellent internationalization support for programming. What internationalization has been done in libc 5 has been mostly taken from glibc. The locales and charmaps for glibc are bundled with the the glibc locale add on.

If you opt for using glibc then you can ignore this mini-howto. Including the locale add on in the glibc compilation and installation is trivial, and is covered in the glibc installation documentation. Be warned that a full upgrade is not a trivial job! I am hoping that redhat (which I use) will have a glibc based release soon, as I am not inclined to recompile my entire system.

  • locale, and charmap sources — These are what you compile using localedef.
  • libc-5.4.17.bin.tar.gz — the ELF shared libraries for the c and math libraries. Note that the precompiled program localedef for libc.5.4.17 is apparently corrupt and creates LC_CTYPE with invalid magic number. This probably means that an older localedef got into the binary distribution.
  • libc-5.4.17.tar.gz — the source code for the ELF shared libraries. You may need this to compile localedef.
  • make-3.74.tar.gz — you may need to compile make to incorporate a patch to fix the dirent bug.
  • release.libc-5.2.18 — these release notes have the patch to make make. it’s been a while since this make bug happened, and it is likely that you don’t have to worry about it.
  • ld.so-1.7.12+ — the dynamic linker.
  • ELF gcc-2.7.2+ — to compile things.
  • an ELF kernel ( eg. 2.0.xx ) — to compile things.
  • binutils — to compile things.
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There are probably lots of places that you can get locale sources. I have found public domain locale and charmap sources at dkuug.dk:/i18n/WG15-collection/locales and dkuug.dk:/i18n/WG15-collection/charmaps respectively.

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