Mail2News Mini-Howto: Setting up mail2news

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Put the script in a suitable location. I favour /usr/local/scripts, but the location is up to you.

You will need to edit script as follows:-

  • At the top of the script, make sure you are pointing at the local Perl binary
    # point at the correct location of perl
  • I had problems with the three following lines. Commenting them out does not cause a problem.
    ( $version  ) = $] =~ /(\d+\.\d+).*\nPatch level/;
    die "$program: requires at least version 3 of perl\n"
            if $version < 3;
  • Edit the following lines to point at the posting program (I use rnews) and you news host:-
    # $inews = "/usr/bin/inews";
    # $iopts = "-h -o \"mail2news gateway\"";
    $inews = "/usr/bin/rnews";
    $iopts = "";
    $postinghost = "";   # points at your news server
  • Make sure that the script is exectuable (mode 755).

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