mini-HOWTO install qmail with MH: MH Installation

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In addition to this, I also replaced /mh-6.8.4/mts/sendmail/smail.c with Dan Bernsteinīs mh-qmail-smail.c

This is what my mh-6.8.4/conf/MH looks like:

bin     /usr/bin/mh
etc     /usr/lib/mh
#mandir /usr/man
#manuals        standard
chown   /bin/chown
#cp     cp
#ln     ln
#remove mv -f
cc      gcc
ccoptions -traditional -O2 -m486 -D_NFILE='getdtablesize()' 
curses  -lncurses
#ldoptions      -s
lex     flex
#oldload        off
#ranlib on
mts     sendmail
#mf     off
#bboards        off
#bbdelivery     off
#bbhome /usr/spool/bboards
pop     on
popdir  /usr/lib/mh
sharedlib       sys5
slflags -fPIC
slibdir /usr/lib
mailgroup       mail
signal  void
sprintf int
#editor prompter
#debug  off
#regtest        off
options ATHENA
options BIND
options DPOP
options DUMB
options FCNTL
options MHE
options MHRC
options MIME
options MORE='"/usr/bin/less"'
options OVERHEAD
options POP2
options POPSERVICE='"pop3"'
options RENAME
options RPATHS
options RPOP
options SOCKETS
options SVR4
options SYS5
options SYS5DIR
options TERMINFO
options UNISTD
options VSPRINTF


  • I have only compiled « mts sendmail » – read in somewhere that /smtp can cause problems. Dominic Mitchell ( wrote in (13 June 1997): « Not quite. With this option MH still talks SMTP, just over a pipe and not over a network. You *really* need a line in your  /.mh_profile which says: postproc: /usr/local/nmh/lib/spost Or whever it’s kept on your system. This will pass the message directly to sendmail in the traditional manner. You’re using qmail of course, so sendmail will be qmail’s wrapper script, but that’s just fine. » Thanks Dominic.
  • I have remmed out « mail » because I want to control it via mtstailor

4.1 mtstailor

As qmail delivers mail to the home directory (~/Mailbox). I added the following to my mtstailor

localname:      mickey
mmdflfil:       Mailbox         
mmdelim1:       \001\001\001\001\n
mmdelim2:       \001\001\001\001\n
mmailid:        0
sendmail:       /usr/lib/sendmail


  • sendmail: /usr/lib/sendmail is a link to the qmail sendmail wrapper in /var/qmail/bin
  • MH does not like the tilde notation (~/) use /home instead or leave blank which according to the docs defaults to $HOME.
  • I recently installed MH and qmail on my office machine which is connect via ethernet. I added the following line to mtstailor: servers:
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4.2 mh_profile

Here is my .mh_profile

Path: Mail
draft-folder: drafts
unseen-sequence: unseen
AliasFile: /home/rdn/.mh_aliases
send: -msgid
comp: -form /home/rdn/.mymh-components
MailDrop: /home/rdn/Mailbox


  • I put in the MailDrop line to be « sure to be sure ».

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