mini-HOWTO install qmail with MH: Qmail Installation

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Follow the INSTALL instructions exactly.


Please take the time to read the Fine documentation completely. The numerals refer to the installation steps in the above INSTALL doc.

  • 2 – I had to set up the groups and users manually as per INSTALL.ids
  • 7 – ./qmail-makectl did not work on my system. I added my domain name ( manually in /var/qmail/control/me
  • 23 – Make sure qmail-smtpd is spelt correctly in the inetd-conf file. (I spelt it incorrectly i.e. qmail-smptd, which took me two days to find:( ) smtp stream tcp nowait qmaild /var/qmail/bin/tcp-env tcp-env /var/qmail/bin/qmail-smtpd

3.1 Maildir2smtp

Dan Bernstein has provided a package for sending queued email to an ISP via dial-in. This package is available as serialmailxxx from his site.

Install this package as described in the man page (Thanks Rupert Mazzucco (, it works out of the box!

       maildir2smtp - blast a maildir across SMTP

       maildir2smtp is designed to pass messages along a SLIP  or
       PPP  link.  To set this up on the disconnected end, create
       a new maildir in alias:

          # maildirmake ~alias/pppdir
          # chown -R alias ~alias/pppdir



       into control/virtualdomains and


       into ~alias/.qmail-ppp-default.  Don't  forget  the  extra
       slash in pppdir/.  Then, in the PPP startup script, do

          maildir2smtp ~alias/pppdir alias-ppp- $IP `hostname`

       replacing  $IP with the remote IP address.


  • Please read the Fine manual page completely.
  • Maildir2smtp requires the dotted IP address of your mail server. If you do not have this then ping which will return the IP.
  • This command can be included in your login script to flush all queued mail after logging in to your ISP.
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