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  • Access-HOWTO, Linux Access HOWTO

    Updated: March 1997. Covers using adaptive technology to make Linux accessible to those who could not use it otherwise.

  • Astronomy-HOWTO, Linux Astronomy HOWTO

    Updated: June 2001. Document shares tips and resources to utilize Linux solutions in the pursuit of Astronomy.

  • AX25-HOWTO, Linux AX25-HOWTO, Amateur Radio

    Updated: October 1997. How to install and configure support for the AX. 25 packet radio protocol utilized by Amateur Radio Operators worldwide.

  • Coffee, COFFEE-HOWTO

    Updated: November 2000. Yes, Linux DOES make coffee, and it tastes good.

  • Ecology-HOWTO, Linux Ecology HOWTO

    Updated: November 2000. Discusses ways Linux computers can be used as a means to protect our environment, by using its features to save power or paper.

  • FBB, FBB Packet-radio BBS mini-HOWTO

    Updated: March 2001. Covers the installation and use of the most popular amateur packet-radio BBS software FBB.

  • Home-Electrical-Control, Home Electrical Device Control mini HOWTO

    Updated: June 2001. Use Linux to control your home electrical devices.

  • Medicine-HOWTO, Linux Medicine-HOWTO

    Updated: November 2000. Some pointers to Linux software (mostly GPLed) for the medical sciences.

  • Netrom-Node, Netrom-Node mini-Howto

    Updated: October 1998. How to setup the ax25-utilities package for Amateur Radio such that it makes Netrom Nodes for the Node program and the BBS software from John-Paul Roubelat, F6FBB.

  • Wearable-HOWTO, Wearable HOWTO

    Updated: November 2000. Nomadism is one of the major trends of our society, now most of the people can work with a laptop computer, but few did the next step: to live, or if you prefer to wear one computer – that is a wearable.