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 *multibyte.txt* For Vim version 5.4. Last change: 1999 Jun 11 VIM REFERENCE MANUAL by Bram Moolenaar Multi-byte support *multibyte* *multi-byte* This is limited information on the support in Vim to edit files that use more
than one byte per character. See |+multi_byte| and |'fileencoding'|. 1. XIM and X fontset support |xim|
2. UTF-8 in XFree86 xterm |UTF8-xterm| ============================================================================== 1. XIM (X Input Method) and X fontset support. *xim* *x-input-method* *xfontset* *x-fontset* -. NOTE You can use multi-byte using gui VIM. This feature fully uses |+multi_byte|. -. You should run X Input server which supports your language. You can see your language though you have no X Input server. -. If needed, insert next 3 lines in your $HOME/.Xdefaults *international: True *.inputMethod: your_input_server_name *.preeditType: your_input_method Next 2 or 3 lines should be inserted in your $HOME/.Xdefaults: If you want to use multi-byte language, you should set 'guifontset'. Vim.font: english_font,your_language_font Vim*fontSet: english_font,your_language_font Vim*fontList: your_language_font: *international may not necessary if you use X11R6. *.inputMethod and *.preeditType is a optional if you use X11R6. your_input_method = OnTheSpot or OverTheSpot or OffTheSpot or Root (OnTheSpot currently not supported). Vim.font is for text area. Vim*fontSet is for menu. Vim*fontList is for menu (Motif)
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