Network Boot and Exotic Root HOWTO

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Revision History
Revision 0.2.1 2001-05-21 Revised by: logilab
Fixed bibliography and artheader
Revision 0.2 2001-05-19 Revised by: bej
Many improvements and included Ken Yap’s feedback.
Revision 0.1.1 2001-04-09 Revised by: logilab
First public draft.
Revision 0.1 2000-12-09 Revised by: bej
Initial draft.

This document explains how to quickly setup a linux server to provide what diskless linux clients require to get up and running, using an IP network. It includes data and partly rewritten text from the Diskless-HOWTO, the Diskless-root-NFS-HOWTO, the linux kernel documentation, the etherboot project’s documentation, the linux terminal server project’s homepage, and the author’s personal experience, acquired when working for Logilab. Eventually this document may end up deprecating the Diskless-HOWTO and Diskless-root-NFS-HOWTO. Please note that you’ll also find useful information in the From-PowerUp-to-bash-prompt-HOWTO and the Thin-Client-HOWTO, and the Claus-Justus Heine’s page about NFS swapping.

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