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Like its name suggests, Rational combi oven combines several cooking functions in one kitchen equipment. The word combi,’ is actually the shortening of the word combination. Mostly, this oven use dry heat and steam which is injected into the heating area when needed.


Rational combi oven have many benefits, being that it can perform various cooking methods such as roasting, poaching, baking, boiling, dry frying, and grilling; giving you an outstanding results as well as reduced shrinkage associated with foods such as meat and fish. This article will highlight various types of food that chef can actually cook using Rational combi oven.

Rational combi oven have proven to be great way to cook meat because they don’t dry the food, this will help to retain the juice contained in meat they also produce a beautifully roasted tender joints. No doubt that this type of combination oven is most versatile piece of equipment that any kitchen especially restaurants should have. By cooking in an area filled with steam, it ensures that your meat or joints won’t dry out therefore saving weight loss associated with normal roasting.


Being one of the most versatile pieces of prime cooking equipment, Rational combi oven work wonders with vegetables because its steam helps the vegetables retain their color, natural goodness and making sure that they don’t lose their water soluble vitamins. Actually, Rational combi oven comes with three different cooking methods ideal for all vegetables.

This oven is designed for fish lovers, its steam in combination with other Rational combi oven’s cooking methods is also an ideal way of preserving texture and flavor of delicate fish. It helps to increase the storage time for pre-cooked fish and allow them to be served at the right temperatures.

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For snacks lovers and other wheat final products, its fan associated with driven way of baking method that give an even heating across the oven cavity ensuring that all baked food such as bread are precisely and evenly baked to perfection with steam injections can enhance more flavor and texture to baked products.

Do you like chips? Well, it doesn’t stop there; Rational combi oven can be used for dry frying chips. It ensures that the chips are evenly cooked and tastes like ordinary cooked chips but in additional giving them a well preserved texture and brown color that will make you feel like eating more. You can just use a chip warmer to keep them warm later on.

For all professional cooks who don’t like fatty foods, Rational combi oven is good machine for preparing boiled products like potatoes and chicken. It preserves the food texture especially when boiled preventing the caterer’s food from excessive loss of moisture making them to dry and losing ideal nutrients and minerals contained in food.

Although Rational combi oven offers great functionality, it’s considered to be a high end piece of equipment. As it can allow chef to perform various cooking method at the same time, in the same room and by the same person. Depending with the price, normally high priced oven performs better than low priced oven. The price of these combination ovens should be considered, a practical oven stock a high-end Rational combi oven is better. Read more Catering Equipment News.