Single list of mini-HOWTOs

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  • 3-Button-Mouse, The 3 Button Serial Mouse mini-HOWTO

    Updated: May 1998. How to get a 3 button serial mouse working properly under Linux.

  • 3D-Modelling, 3D Graphics Modelling and Rendering mini-HOWTO

    Updated: March 2001. Details download and installation instructions for a graphics rendering and modelling development environment using RedHat Linux.

  • ACP-Modem, Linux ACP Modem (Mwave) mini-HOWTO

    Updated: May 2001. Describes how to build, setup, and use the ACP (Mwave) Modem feature of the IBM Thinkpad[tm] 600E, 600, and 770x.

  • ADSL, ADSL HOWTO for Linux Systems

    Replaced by the DSL HOWTO for Linux.

  • ADSM-Backup, Linux ADSM mini-HOWTO

    Updated: January 1997. How to install and use a client for the commercial ADSM backup system for Linux/i386.

  • Advocacy, Linux Advocacy mini-HOWTO

    Updated: May 2000. Suggestions for how the Linux community can effectively advocate the use of Linux.

  • Alsa-sound, Alsa-sound-mini-HOWTO

    Updated: November 1999. Describes the installation of the ALSA sound drivers for Linux.

  • Apache-mods, Apache+DSO+mod_ssl+mod_perl+php+mod_auth_nds+mod_auth_mysql+mod_fastcgi mini-HOWTO

    Updated: April 2000. Details the installation of an Apache based webserver suite configured to handle DSO, and various useful modules including mod_perl, mod_ssl and php.

  • Apache+SSL+PHP+fp, Linux Apache SSL PHP/FI frontpage mini-HOWTO

    Updated: July 1998. About building a multipurpose webserver that will support dynamic web content via the PHP/FI scripting language, secure transmission of data based on Netscape’s SSL, secure execution of CGI’s and M$Frontpage Server Extensions.

  • Automount, Automount mini-HOWTO

    Updated: April 1999. Describes the autofs automounter, how to configure it; points out some problems to avoid.

  • BackspaceDelete, Linux Backspace/Delete mini-HOWTO

    Updated: May 2001. Solutions for having working Backspace and Delete keys on the console and on X.

  • Backup-With-MSDOS, Backup-With-MSDOS mini-HOWTO

    Updated: August 1997. How to use a Linux-compatible tape drive installed on an MS-DOS machine to back up the filesystem of a Linux machine.

  • Battery-Powered, Battery Powered Linux Mini-HOWTO

    Updated: December 1997. How to reduce a Linux system’s power consumption by tweaking some of its configuration settings.

  • Boca, Installing Boca Card Mini-HOWTO

    Updated: January 2001. Describes the basics of a Boca 16-port serial card (Boca 2016) with Linux.

  • BogoMips, BogoMips mini-HOWTO

    Updated: April 2001. Some information about BogoMips, compiled from various sources.

  • Bridge, Bridging mini-HOWTO

    Updated: March 2001. Describes how to setup an ethernet bridge.

  • Bridge+Firewall, Linux Bridge+Firewall Mini-HOWTO

    Updated: December 1997. A bridge is an intelligent connection wire between two network cards. A firewall is an intelligent insulator.

  • Bridge+Firewall+DSL, Bridge + Firewall + DSL Mini-HOWTO

    Updated: November 2000. Configuring a Linux system to act as a firewall and bridge with a DSL network connection.


    Updated: February 2000. Describes the hardware, software, and procedures needed to use a bt8x8 chipset based frame grabber or TV tuner card under Linux.

  • Bzip2, Bzip2 mini-HOWTO

    Updated: August 1999. How to use the new bzip2 compression program.

  • call-back call-back mini HOWTO

    Updated: June 2000. How to set up call-back by using the Linux system and modem.

  • Cipe+Masq, The Linux Cipe+Masquerading mini-HOWTO

    Updated: April 1999. How to setup a VPN using Cipe on a linux masquerading firewall.

  • Clock, The Clock Mini-HOWTO

    Updated: November 2000. How to set and keep your computer’s clock on time.

  • Coffee, COFFEE-HOWTO

    Updated: November 2000. Yes, Linux DOES make coffee, and it tastes good.

  • Commercial-Port-Advocacy, Commercial Port Advocacy mini-HOWTO

    Updated: December 1999. Discusses methods that can be used to approach commercial software companies to convince them to port their programs to Linux.

  • Compressed-TCP, Compressed TCP/IP-Sessions using SSH-like tools

    Updated: April 2000. Discusses how to compress data streams.


    Updated: October 2000. Answers basic questions on how to set up your Linux box to serve as a DHCP server or a DHCP client.

  • Divert-Sockets-mini-HOWTO, Divert Sockets mini-HOWTO

    Updated: February 2000. Describes how to get, compile and use FreeBSD divert sockets under Linux 2.2.12.

  • DocBook-Install, DocBook Install mini-HOWTO

    Updated: March 2001. A detailed practical guide for novices to quickly getting DocBook installed and processing SGML files into HTML, PostScript and PDF on a GNU/Linux system.

  • Domain, Setting Up Your New Domain Mini-HOWTO

    Updated: October 2000. Outlines the things you will probably have to do when you want to set up a network of computers under your own domain.

  • DPT-Hardware-RAID, Linux DPT Hardware RAID mini-HOWTO

    Updated: February 2001. How to set up hardware RAID under Linux.

  • Ext2fs-Undeletion, Linux Ext2fs Undeletion mini-HOWTO

    Updated: February 1999. Presents a discussion of how to retrieve deleted files from a Second Extended File System.

  • Ext2fs-Undeletion-Dir-Struct, Ext2fs Undeletion of Directory Structures

    Updated: November 2000. Describes a straight forward way of recovering whole directory structures, instead of file by file, that have been removed by a misplaced rm -rf

  • Fax-Server, Linux simple fax printer server mini-HOWTO (faxsrv-mini-HOWTO)

    Updated: November 1997. Describes in detail one of the simplest ways to setup a fax server on your Linux system.

  • FBB, FBB Packet-radio BBS mini-HOWTO

    Updated: March 2001. Covers the installation and use of the most popular amateur packet-radio BBS software FBB.

  • FDU, XFree86 Font Deuglification Mini HOWTO

    Updated: June 2001. How to fix ugly and unreadable X Window fonts.

  • Firewall-Piercing, Firewall Piercing mini-HOWTO

    Updated: July 2001. Directions for using ppp over telnet to do network activities transparently through an Internet firewall.

  • FTP, FTP mini-HOWTO

    Updated: January 2000. How to use ftp clients and servers


    Updated: November 1997. How to acquire, install and configure a powerful scientific public-domain Geographic Information System (GIS): the Geographic Resources Analysis Support System (GRASS).

  • Handspring-Visor, Handspring-Visor mini-HOWTO

    Updated: August 2000. Using the Visor with Linux and your USB port.

  • Hard-Disk-Upgrade, Hard Disk Upgrade Mini HOWTO

    Updated: April 2000. How to copy a Linux system from one hard disk to another.

  • Home-Electrical-Control, Home Electrical Device Control mini HOWTO

    Updated: June 2001. Use Linux to control your home electrical devices.

  • Home-Network-mini-HOWTO, Red Hat Linux 6. X as an Internet Gateway for a Home Network

    Updated: June 2000. Tutorial on configuring Red Hat 6 and related variants to operate as an internet gateway to a small home or office network. Topics covered include masquerading, DNS, DHCP, and basic security.

  • Howtos-with-LinuxDoc, Howtos-with-LinuxDoc mini-HOWTO

    Updated: March 2001. This is about how to write HOWTOs using the simple LinuxDoc markup. It’s primarily for Linux Documentation Project authors (and future fledging authors who want to get started fast). If you want to use the more advanced DocBook markup (including XML) see the LDP Author Guide.

  • Install-From-ZIP, Linux Install From PPA-Zip drive mini-HOWTO

    Updated: April 1998. How to install Linux from a parallel port zip drive using the Slackware Linux distribution.

  • Install-Strategies, Linux Installation Strategies

    Updated: May 2001. Discusses a few installation strategies for those who intend to dual-boot between Windows and Linux.

  • Intkeyb, How to setup international keyboard in X Windows

    Updated: July 2001. This xmodmap and kimap solutions will work for you in setting up any international keyboard for (Debian, RedHat, Mandrake, Corel) Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD and possibly every Unix that uses Xfree86 and KDE.

  • IO-Port-Programming, Linux I/O port programming mini-HOWTO

    Updated: December 2000. Describes programming hardware I/O ports and waiting for small periods of time in user-mode Linux programs running on the Intel x86 architecture.

  • IP-Subnetworking, IP Sub-Networking mini-HOWTO

    Updated: March 1997. Describes why and how to subnetwork an IP network – that is using a single A, B or C Class network number to function correctly on several interconnected networks.

  • IP-Alias, Setting Up IP Aliasing On A Linux Machine Mini-HOWTO

    Updated: January 2001. How to set up and run IP aliasing on a Linux box.

  • IPMasquerading+Napster, IPMasquerading+Napster mini-HOWTO

    Updated: April 2000. Present a way to allow users behind an IPMasq’d system to use Napster.

  • IRC, Linux IRC mini-HOWTO

    Updated: July 2001. Describes the basics of IRC and respective applications for Linux.

  • ISP-Connectivity, ISP-Connectivity mini-HOWTO

    Updated: November 1997. How to setup PPP, connect up to your ISP, configure mail and news, get a permanent IP (if available), get a domain name, and have a bona fide system running in a little over thirty minutes.

  • Kerneld, The Linux kerneld mini-HOWTO

    Updated: May 2000. Explains how you can use the kerneld function in the Linux kernels.

  • LBX, The LBX mini-HOWTO

    Updated: December 1997. LBX (Low Bandwidth X) is an X server extension which performs compression on the X protocol. It is meant to be used in conjunction with X applications and an X server which are separated by a slow network connection, to improve display and response time.

  • Leased-Line, Leased line mini-HOWTO

    Updated: August 2000. Configuring your modem and pppd to use a 2 wire twisted pair leased line.

  • Lego, Lego Mindstorm with Linux Mini-HOWTO

    Updated: October 2000. Intended to serve as a very brief introduction to the options available for using the Lego Group’s Mindstorm Robotics Invention System (RIS) from within Linux. It also can be used as a gathering point for more information.

  • LILO, Lilo mini-HOWTO

    Updated: May 2001. Lilo (LILO) is the most used Linux Loader for the x86 flavour of Linux. This describes some typical Lilo installations. Intended as a supplement to the Lilo User’s Guide.

  • Linux+DOS+Win95+OS2, The Linux « Linux-DOS-Win95-OS2 » mini-HOWTO

    Updated: November 1997. Presents a procedure to make 4 operating systems co-exist on a single hard disk.

  • Linuxdoc-Reference, Linuxdoc Reference – An Introduction to the linuxdoc DTD

    Updated: January 2000. Intended to be a reference for the SGML document type definition linuxdoc.

  • LinuxGL-QuakeWorld-mini-HOWTO, LinuxGL (GLX) QuakeWorld Client compile mini-HOWTO

    Updated: January 2001. How to get the OpenGL/GLX Linux QuakeWorld client compiled and working on systems with standard OpenGL hardware acceleration support.

  • Linux+FreeBSD, The Linux+FreeBSD mini-HOWTO

    Updated: March 2000. How to use Linux and FreeBSD on the same system.

  • Linux-Modem-Sharing Linux Modem sharing mini-HOWTO

    Updated: February 1997. Describes how to setup a Linux system in order to share a modem attached to this system with other systems over a TCP/IP network.

  • Linux+NT-Loader, NT OS Loader + Linux mini-HOWTO

    Updated: September 1997. Describes the use of the Windows NT boot loader to start Linux. This procedures have been tested with Windows NT 4.0 WS and Linux 2.0.

  • Linux+Solaris, Linux+Solaris mini-HOWTO

    Updated: April 2000. Describes how to use Solaris and Linux together on one machine. It addresses common questions like multibooting and file-sharing.

  • Linux+Win95, Linux + Windows 95 mini-HOWTO

    Updated: April 2001. Details how to install Linux on a machine that currently runs Windows 95.

  • Linux+WinNT, Linux+WindowsNT mini-HOWTO

    Updated: May 2001. Covers some ways on how to install both Linux and Windows NT on the same computer and how to boot either of them from within LILO menu.

  • Loadlin+Win95-98-ME, The Loadlin+Win95/98/ME mini-HOWTO

    Updated: February 2001. Describes how to use Loadlin with Windows 95/98/ME to boot to Linux.

  • Loopback-Root-FS, The Loopback Root Filesystem HOWTO

    Updated: September 1999. How to use the Linux loopback device to create a Linux native filesystem format installation that can be run from a DOS partition without re-partitioning.

  • Mac-Terminal, The MacTerminal mini-HOWTO

    Updated: November 1997. How to configure the Mac for use as a Linux terminal.

  • Mail-Queue, Linux Mail-Queue mini-HOWTO

    Updated: September 1997. Configuration changes necessary to make sendmail deliver local mail now; while stashing remote mail in the queue until « I Say So ».

  • Mail2News, Mail2News mini-HOWTO

    Updated: November 2000. How to feed a mailing list to a news server.

  • Man-Page, The Linux Man Page mini-HOWTO

    Updated: January 2000. Explains what you should bear in mind when you are going to write on-line documentation — a so called man page — that you want to make accessible via the man(1) command.

  • Modules, Linux Modules Installation mini-HOWTO

    Updated: n/a How to successfully set up Linux with modules configured and working.

  • MP3-CD-Burning, Linux MP3 CD Burning mini-HOWTO

    Updated: July 2001. A complete recipe for creating audio CDs from MP3 files.

  • MSSQL6-Openlink-PHP-ODBC, Connecting to MS SQL 6.x+ via Openlink/PHP/ODBC mini-HOWTO

    Updated: July 1997. How to connect to MS SQL 6.x+ database server via ODBC functions of PHP3 (3.0.1x or above) compiled with Openlink drivers under Linux.

  • Multiboot-with-GRUB, Multiboot with GRUB Mini-HOWTO

    Updated: January 2001. How to install Windows 98, Windows 2000, DOS and Linux using GRUB.

  • Multiboot-with-LILO, Win95 + WinNT + Linux multiboot using LILO mini-HOWTO

    Updated: March 1998. How to multiboot between Windows 95, Windows NT, and Linux.

  • NCD-X-Terminal, NCD X terminal mini HOWTO

    Updated: March 2000. How to connect an NCD X terminal to a UNIX host.

  • Netrom-Node, Netrom-Node mini-Howto

    Updated: October 1998. How to setup the ax25-utilities package for Amateur Radio such that it makes Netrom Nodes for the Node program and the BBS software from John-Paul Roubelat, F6FBB.

  • Netscape+Proxy, HOWTO for inHouse IntraNet

    Updated: August 1997. Describes the procedure to set up a NETWORK (INTRANET) at your home. Then we shall setup the network such that NETSCAPE Clients can be used on ANY machine to access the internet. . .

  • News-Leafsite, News Leafsite mini-HOWTO

    Updated: January 1998. This will help you to configure a small leafsite for Usenet News using the free software package Leafnode.

  • NFS-Root, NFS-Root mini-HOWTO

    Updated: August 1997. How to setup a « disc-less » Linux workstation, which mounts it’s root filesystems via NFS.

  • NFS-Root-Client-mini-HOWTO, NFS-Root-Client Mini-HOWTO

    Updated: February 1999. How to create client root directories on a server that is using NFS Root mounted clients.

  • Nvidia-OpenGL-Configuration, Nvidia OpenGL Configuration mini-HOWTO

    Updated: March 2001. How to install the OpenGL drivers for Nvidia graphics cards on Linux. Also explains how to install XFree86, the OpenGL Utility library (part of Mesa), the OpenGL Utility Toolkit (glut), etc.

  • Offline-Mailing, Linux off-line mailing method (offline mailaddr with 1 account)

    Updated: June 1998. Use your linux mailing system offline, receive mail for multiple users with only one email address, and without being 24-24 online.

  • Outlook-to-Unix-Mailbox, MS Outlook to Unix Mailbox Conversion mini HOWTO

    Updated: January 2001. Covers conversion of old email in Microsoft Outlook (not Outlook Express!) to typical Unix file formats.

  • Partition, Linux Partition HOWTO

    Updated: July 2001. Teaches you how to plan and layout disk space for your Linux system.

  • Partition-Rescue, Partition Rescue mini HOWTO

    Updated: June 2001. Describes how to rescue your Linux partition if it has been deleted.

  • Path, PATH HOWTO

    Updated: November 1997. Describes common tricks and problems with Unix / Linux environment variables, especially with PATH variable.


    Updated: March 1998. Will hopefully let you build and use a Parallel Line Interface Protocol.

  • PortSlave, PortSlave How-To using the Linux Router

    Updated: October 2000. A beginning document for using Portslave with the Linux router.

  • Pre-Installation-Checklist, GNU/Linux Pre-Installation Checklist

    Updated: November 2000. An aide-memoire which may make installation of Linux a pleasant experience for you.

  • Post-Installation-Checklist, GNU/Linux Post-Installation Checklist

    Updated: June 2001. Provides a checklist for steps you should take immediately after installing GNU/Linux.

  • Process-Accounting, Enabling Process Accounting on Linux

    Updated: February 2001. Describes the basics of enabling process accounting on Linux.

  • Programming-Languages, Programming Languages mini-HOWTO

    Updated: July 2000. A brief comparison of major programming languages for Linux and major libraries for creating graphical user interfaces (GUIs) under Linux.

  • Proxy-ARP-Subnet, ProxyARP Subnetting HOWTO

    Updated: August 2000. Discusses using Proxy Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) with subnetting in order to make a small network of machines visible on another Internet Protocol (IP) subnet.

  • Public-Web-Browser, Linux web browser station

    Updated: October 2000. Describes the setup of Internet kiosk-type system based on Linux to be deployed to provide public Internet/webmail access.

  • Qmail+MH, mini-HOWTO install qmail with MH

    Updated: March 1998. Installation experiences to offer some help to other users who wish to use this combination for their email.

  • Quota, Quota mini-HOWTO

    Updated: August 1997. How to enable file system quota on a Linux host, assigning quota for users and groups, as well as the usage of miscellaneous quota commands.

  • RCS, The RCS mini-HOWTO

    Updated: August 1997. Covers basic installation and usage of RCS, the GNU Revision Control System, under Linux.

  • Remote-Boot, Linux Remote-Boot mini-HOWTO: Configuring Remote-Boot Workstations with Linux, DOS, Windows 95/98 and Windows NT

    Updated: February 1999. How to set up a very robust and secure server-based configuration for a cluster of PCs, allowing each client to choose at boot-time which operating system to run.

  • Remote-X-Apps, Remote X Apps mini-HOWTO

    Updated: January 2001. How to run remote X applications.

  • RPM+Slackware, RPM+Slackware Mini-Howto

    Updated: April 1998. How to get RPM installed and working properly under Slackware.

  • Saving-Space, Saving Space mini-HOWTO

    Updated: April 1999. Directions for squeezing your Linux installation into the least possible space. Particularly aimed at notebook users.

  • Secure-POP+SSH, Secure POP via SSH mini-HOWTO

    Updated: September 1998. How to set up secure POP connections using ssh.

  • Sendmail+UUCP, Sendmail+UUCP HOWTO

    Updated: May 1998. How to setup a single machine with no direct access to the internet to route mail for you via sendmail and UUCP to a ‘smarter host’ (eg. your ISP).

  • Sendmail-Address-Rewrite, sendmail address rewriting mini-HOWTO

    Updated: May 1998. A brief description of how to set up sendmail’s configuration file for the home user’s dial-up access.

  • SLIP-PPP-Emulator, SLIP/PPP Emulator mini-HOWTO

    Updated: February 2001. Describes how to get your Linux box to connect to a generic site via a SLIP/PPP emulator, such as SLiRP or TIA.

  • Small-Memory, Small Memory Mini-HOWTO

    Updated: December 2000. How to run Linux on a system with a small amount of memory.

  • Soundblaster-AWE, Sound Blaster AWE 32/64 HOWTO

    Updated: January 1998. How to install and configure a Sound Blaster 32 (SB AWE 32, SB AWE 64) card from Creative Labs in a Linux System using the AWE Sound Driver Extension written by Takashi Iwai. It also covers some special tools and players for the SB AWE series.

  • StarOffice, StarOffice 3.1 Mini-HOWTO

    Updated: November 1999. Information on installing the StarOffice 3.1 Office Suite by StarDivision.

  • Swap-Space, Linux Swap Space Mini-HOWTO

    Updated: January 2000. How to share your Linux swap partition with Windows.

  • Sybase-PHP-Apache, Sybase-PHP-Apache mini-HOWTO

    Updated: July 2001. Explains how to set up a Linux machine to run an Apache web server using PHP to access a Sybase-ASE database.

  • Term-Firewall, Using Term to Pierce an Internet Firewall

    Updated: July 1996. Directions for using « term » to do network stuff through a TCP firewall that you’re not supposed to be able to.

  • TkRat, TkRat mini-HOWTO

    Updated: September 1999. Geared toward anyone interested in using their Linux computer to send and receive Internet E-Mail.

  • Token-Ring, Token-Ring mini-HOWTO

    Updated: January 1998. Designed to help you install the kernel patch and also try to point out some things to look for.

  • TransparentProxy, Transparent Proxy with Squid mini-HOWTO

    Updated: July 2001. Provides information on how to setup a transparent caching HTTP proxy server using only Linux and squid.

  • TT-Debian, TrueType Fonts in Debian mini-HOWTO

    Updated: January 2000. How to configure a Debian system to use TrueType fonts for display and printing.

  • TT-XFree86, TrueType Fonts with XFree86 4.0.x mini-HOWTO

    Updated: February 2001. Describes how to use TrueType (*.ttf) fonts with XFree86 4.0.x.

  • Ultra-DMA, The Linux Ultra-DMA Mini-Howto

    Updated: November 1999. How to use Ultra-DMA aka Ultra-ATA aka Ultra33 and Ultra66 hard drives and interfaces with Linux.

  • Update, The Staying Updated mini-HOWTO

    Updated: October 2000. How to stay updated and abreast of the development that takes place in the Linux world of development.

  • Upgrade, Upgrading Your linux Distribution mini-HOWTO

    Updated: June 1996. Hints and tips on upgrading from one linux distribution to another.

  • VAIO+Linux, Linux on Sony VAIO mini-HOWTO

    Updated: September 1998. This document explains installation of Linux on Sony VAIO computers.

  • Visual-Bell, Visible bell mini-Howto

    Updated: November 1997. How to use termcap to configure a visual bell on one’s system and describes how to disable audible bells on demand.


    Updated: August 1997. How to setup a Virtual Private Network.

  • Wacom-USB-mini-HOWTO, Wacom Graphire USB Mini-HOWTO

    Updated: June 2000. How to setup a Wacom Graphire USB tablet for use with Linux.

  • WordPerfect, WordPerfect Mini-howto

    Updated: August 1997. Discusses running WordPerfect on Linux, including a brief discussion on the WordPerfect 7.0 beta.

  • X-Big-Cursor, X11-big-cursor mini-HOWTO

    Updated: August 1997. How to use enlarged mouse cursors with the X window system.

  • XDM-Xterm, XDM and X Terminal mini-HOWTO

    Updated: November 2000. Describes the basic ideas for using XDM to manage X terminals. It is not meant to be a comprehensive discussion of all the features of XDM, but a gentle introduction to what XDM can to for X terminals.

  • XFree86-Second-Mouse, Second Mouse in X mini-HOWTO

    Updated: July 2001. Quick instructions to enable a second mouse in X.

  • XFree86-XInside, Linux XFree-to-Xinside mini-HOWTO

    Updated: September 1997. How to convert an XFree86 modeline into an XInside/XiGraphics one.

  • Xterm-Title, How to change the title of an xterm

    Updated: October 1999. How to use escape sequences to dynamically change window and icon titles of an xterm.

  • ZIP-Drive, Zip Drive Mini-HOWTO

    Updated: January 1999. Provides a quick reference quide on setting up and using the Iomega ZIP drive with Linux.

  • ZIP-Install, Installing Linux on ZIP disk using ppa ZIP Drive Mini-Howto

    Updated: January 1998. This document is only useful for those with the printer port version of a ZIP drive who wish to have either a portable or backup Linux system on a ZIP disk.