Software Release Practice HOWTO

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Copyright © 2000 by Eric S. Raymond

Revision History
Revision 3.2 2001-07-11 Revised by: esr
Note about not relying on proprietary components.
Revision 3.1 2001-02-22 Revised by: esr
LDP Styleguide fixes.
Revision 3.0 2000-08-12 Revised by: esr
First DocBook version. Advice on SourceForge and a major section on documentation practice added.

This HOWTO describes good release practices for Linux open-source projects. By following these practices, you will make it as easy as possible for users to build your code and use it, and for other developers to understand your code and cooperate with you to improve it.

This document is a must-read for novice developers. Experienced developers should review it when they are about to release a new project. It will be revised periodically to reflect the evolution of good-practice standards.

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