System Administration and Configuration

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  • Battery-Powered, Battery Powered Linux Mini-HOWTO

    Updated: December 1997. How to reduce a Linux system’s power consumption by tweaking some of its configuration settings.

  • Bootdisk-HOWTO, The Linux Bootdisk HOWTO

    Updated: June 2001. How to design and build your own boot/root diskettes for Linux.

  • BootPrompt-HOWTO, The Linux BootPrompt HOWTO

    Updated: May 1999. A compilation of all the possible boot time arguments that can be passed to the Linux kernel at boot time. Includes all kernel and device parameters.

  • Config-HOWTO, Configuration HOWTO

    Updated: August 2000. Aims at making the fine-tuning of your newly installed Linux box quicker and easier. You will find a set of configurations for the most common applications and services.

  • Filesystems-HOWTO, Filesystems HOWTO

    Updated: August 2000. About filesystems and accessing filesystems.

  • HP-HOWTO, HP HOWTO – Utilisation and Configuration Guide of HP Products under Linux

    Updated: March 2001. Describes the use of products available in the Hewlett-Packard (HP) catalog with Linux and some free software.

  • Installation-HOWTO, The Linux Installation HOWTO

    Updated: July 2001. How to obtain and install Linux software. It is the first document which a new Linux user should read to get started.

  • Kernel-HOWTO, The Linux Kernel HOWTO

    Updated: July 2001. A detailed guide to kernel configuration, compilation, upgrades, and troubleshooting for ix86-based systems.

  • KickStart-HOWTO, RedHat Linux KickStart HOWTO

    Updated: January 1999. Briefly describes how to use the RedHat Linux KickStart system to rapidly install large numbers of identical Linux boxes.

  • MultiOS-HOWTO, Managing Multiple Operating Systems HOWTO

    Updated: February 2000. Covers the procedures for using removable hard disks to install and manage multiple alternative operating systems while leaving a single fixed disk to permanently house and protect the primary operating system.

  • Path, PATH HOWTO

    Updated: November 1997. Describes common tricks and problems with Unix / Linux environment variables, especially with PATH variable.

  • Public-Web-Browser, Linux web browser station

    Updated: October 2000. Describes the setup of Internet kiosk-type system based on Linux to be deployed to provide public Internet/webmail access.

  • Quota, Quota mini-HOWTO

    Updated: August 1997. How to enable file system quota on a Linux host, assigning quota for users and groups, as well as the usage of miscellaneous quota commands.

  • Visual-Bell, Visible bell mini-Howto

    Updated: November 1997. How to use termcap to configure a visual bell on one’s system and describes how to disable audible bells on demand.