The Answer Guy Issue 34

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Greetings From Jim Dennis

qbub-3375482dual /boot partitions –or– Automated Recovery from System Failures qbub-3375482e-mail quotas –or– Quotas for Outgoing e-mail qbub-3375482Booting and partitions –or– Suggestions for Linux Users with Ultra Large Disks qbub-3375482French loadkeys –or– More on International Keyboard Mappings and Monochrome X qbub-3375482Digi C/X Host W/ C/Con 16 –or– Linux Support for the DigiBoard C/X Intelligent Serial Ports qbub-3375482Shell File!!!!! –or– All that Vaunted Support for those Windows Users qbub-3375482apache server –or– Executing « Normal HTML » Files with Apache qbub-3375482Keeping my RH5.0 system up to date –or– Updates: Risks and Rewards qbub-3375482Ether Troubles –or– NE2000 « clones » — not « cloney » enough! qbub-3375482« Good Times »-email is it a virus? –or– The Infection and the Cure: (Good Times as a Virus) qbub-3375482Query qbub-3375482… Redhat 4.2/Motif, problem discovered. –or– Conflict: Num-Lock, X Window Managers, and pppd qbub-3375482Re Script qbub-3375482Here’s a doozy –or– Telnet/xterm: Log to file qbub-3375482RE how to find out the serial connect speed of a modem qbub-3375482HELP!! –or– Finding Soundcard Support qbub-3375482Problems with backup –or– Problems with a SCSI Tape Drive qbub-3375482Is there a testsuite for glibc v2.0.x? –or– Test Suites for GNU and other Open Source (TM) Software qbub-3375482nt 4.0 ras dialin problem –or– Another Non-Linux Question qbub-3375482Macro Virus? qbub-3375482xdm –or– Remote X using xdm

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Copyright © 1998, James T. Dennis
Published in Linux Gazette Issue 34 November 1998

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