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note-7985229Marius Andreiana

Marius is 20 years old, student in the second year at Politehnica Bucharest, Romania and working as a web developer. Besides Linux, he also loves music (from rock to dance), dancing, having fun, spending time with friends. He is interested also in science in general (and that quantum spooky connection 🙂

note-7985229Shane Collinge

Part computer programmer, part cartoonist, part Mars Bar. At night, he runs around in a pair of colorful tights fighting criminals. During the day… well, he just runs around. He eats when he’s hungry and sleeps when he’s sleepy.

note-7985229Matteo Dell’Omodarme

I’m a student at the University of Pisa and a Linux user since 1994. Now I’m working on the administrations of Linux boxes at the Astronomy section of the Department of Physics, with special experience about security. My primary email address is

note-7985229Eric Kasten

I’m a software developer by day and an artist, web developer, big dog, gardener and wine maker by night. This all leaves very little time for sleep, but always enough time for a nice glass of Michigan Pinot Gris. I have a BS double major in Computer Science and Mathematics and an MS in Computer Science. I’ve been using and modifying Linux since the 0.9x days. I can be reached via email at or through my website at

note-7985229Mark Nielsen

Mark works at ZING ( and Previously, Mark founded The Computer Underground. Mark works on non-profit and volunteer projects which promote free literature and software. To make a living, he recruits people for GNU related jobs and also provides solutions for web/database problems using Linux, FreeBSD, Apache, Zope, Perl, Python, and PostgreSQL.

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note-7985229Ben Okopnik

A cyberjack-of-all-trades, Ben wanders the world in his 38′ sailboat, building networks and hacking on hardware and software whenever he runs out of cruising money. He’s been playing and working with computers since the Elder Days (anybody remember the Elf II?), and isn’t about to stop any time soon.

note-7985229Pradeep Padala

I am a software engineer at Hughes Software Systems. I love hacking and adore Linux. I graduated this year with a B.E (equivalent to B.S) in Computer Science and Engineering. My intersets include solving puzzles and playing board games. I can be reached through or

note-7985229Jason Steffler

Jason is a Software Architect for McHugh Software International.  His computer related interests include: OO programming & design, Smalltalking, the peopleware aspects of software, and noodl’n around with Linux.

note-7985229Alan Ward

Alan teaches CS in Andorra at high-school and university levels. He’s back to Unix this year after an 8-year forced interlude since he graduated — it makes networking so much easier. His hobbies include science photography (both digital and traditional), trekking, rock and processor collecting.

Happy New Year, everybody!

Michael Orr
Editor, Linux Gazette,

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