The Linux Gazette 36: The Answer Guy

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Greetings From Jim Dennis

qbub-8585631Routing and Subnetting 101 qbub-8585631No STREAMS Error while Installing Netware for Linux qbub-8585631More than 8 loopfs Mounts? qbub-8585631eql dual line ppp –or– EQL Serial Line « Load Balancing » qbub-8585631who to report gcc bug to? –or– Where to Report Bugs and Send Patches qbub-8585631RedHat Linux (5.1) and Brand X –or– How to « get into » an Linux system from a Microsoft client qbub-8585631Linux File System recommendations –or– Where to Put New and Supplemental Packages qbub-8585631Your book –or– Book: Linux Systems Administration qbub-8585631FTP Site… –or– ‘ls’ Doesn’t work for FTP Site qbub-8585631very general process question –or– An Anthropologist Asks About the Linux « Process » qbub-8585631Locating AV Research –or– Looking for a Hardware Vendor: In all the Wrong Places qbub-8585631question for answerguy –or– Letting Those Transfers Run Unattended qbub-8585631where can i find information about LOFS, TFS –or– Translucent, Overlay, Loop, and Union Filesystems qbub-8585631Modem dial out qbub-8585631PAM & chroot (fwd) –or– ‘chroot()’ Jails or Cardboard Boxes qbub-8585631The Linux Swap File –or– Swap file on a RAM Disk qbub-8585631RedHat Linux (5.1) and Brand X –or– How to « get into » an Linux system from a Microsoft client qbub-8585631Dynamic IP Address Publishing Hack qbub-8585631Why 40-second delay in sending mail to SMTP server? qbub-8585631how to install two ethernet cards for proxy server for red hat linux –or– Linux as Router and Proxy Server: HOWTO? qbub-8585631ey answer guy! answer this! –or– PostScript to GIF qbub-8585631troubleshooting qbub-8585631More on: « Remote Login as root » qbub-8585631Thank You –or– Kudos qbub-8585631Question –or– Linux Support for Intel Pentium II Xeon CPU’s and Chipsets qbub-8585631isp –or– Linux Friendly ISP’s: SF Bay Area qbub-8585631Hello I need some help –or– Eight Character login Name Limit qbub-8585631Locked Out of His Mailserver qbub-8585631Changing the color depth for your x-server? –or– Changing the X Server’s Default Color Depth qbub-8585631Num Lock and X apps –or– NumLock and X Problems qbub-8585631NE2000 « clones » — not « cloney » enough! –or– Expansion on NE-2000 Cards: Some PCI models « okay » qbub-8585631MySql –or– Finding info on MySqL? qbub-8585631read please very important –or– Spying: (AOL Instant Messenger or ICQ): No Joy! qbub-8585631Tuning monitors for use with X –or– Fraser Valley LUG’s Monitor DB qbub-8585631chattr =u and then what? –or– ext2fs « Undeletable » Attribute qbub-8585631How to Install Linux on an RS6000? qbub-8585631Real PS Printing –or– Advanced Printer Support: 800×600 dpi + 11×17″ Paper qbub-8585631TAG suggestions qbub-8585631password change –or– CGI Driven Password Changes qbub-8585631ifconfig reports TX errors on v2.1.x kernels qbub-8585631Trident 9685 tv –or– Support for Trident Video/Television Adapter qbub-8585631Looking for info on BIOS setup –or– Plug and Pray Problems qbub-8585631Mount linux drives from win9x/nt? password encryption seems to be a problem… –or– Sharing/Exporting Linux Directories to Windows ‘9x/NT qbub-8585631Mail processing qbub-8585631Printing question –or– Extra Formfeed from Windows ’95 qbub-8585631Root password –or– Can’t Login in as Root qbub-8585631Alternate root-password recovery option –or– Alternative Method for Recovering from Root Password Loss qbub-8585631Journal File Support and Tarantella? –or– SCOldies Bragging Rights qbub-8585631Remote tape access, using local CPU –or– Application Direct Access to Remote Tape Drive qbub-8585631Mounting CD Drives from SoundCard –or– Mounting multiple CD’s qbub-8585631Re: leafnode-1.7 — news server for small sites –or– More on Multi-Feed Netnews (leafnode) qbub-8585631rsh config –or– Getting ‘rsh’ to work qbub-8585631update on your answer – netware clients –or– Linux as a Netware Client qbub-8585631LILO Default qbub-8585631uninstall help –or– Uninstalling Linux qbub-8585631Compiling kernel –or– Making a Kernel Requires ‘make’ qbub-8585631memory usage –or– Using only 64Mb out of 128Mb Available qbub-8585631Manipulating Clusters on a Floppy … qbub-8585631Setting up ircd qbub-8585631Sendmail on private net with UUCP link to Internet qbub-8585631Linux in general –or– Complaint Department: qbub-8585631A Dual Modem configuration… how do I get it to work? –or– eql Not Working qbub-8585631routing without of any outer routers knowing me as I am a router.. –or– Proxyarp qbub-8585631HELP: fetchmail dies after RH 5.2 upgrade –or– Upgrade Kills Name Server qbub-8585631Question (what else?) –or– MS Applications Support For Linux qbub-8585631Linux as a Home Internet Gateway and Server qbub-8585631lilo –or– Persistent Boot Sector qbub-8585631preference=20 –or– Secondary MX Records: How and Why qbub-8585631LPD forks and hangs/Linux –or– ‘lpd’ Bug: « restricted service » option; Hangs Printer Daemon qbub-8585631Dual booting NT or Win9x with Linux (Red Hat 5.2) –or– Dual Boot Configurations qbub-8585631Can you give me a Suggestion?/ –or– Microtek Scanner Support: Alejandro’s Tale qbub-8585631Offer to make available Winmodem interface spec –or– Modem HOWTO Author Gets Offer RE: WinModems qbub-8585631I do know i am boring (ma windows fa veramente cagare) –or– Condolences to Another Victim of the « LoseModem » Conspiracy qbub-8585631Kai Makisara: Re: audio-DAT on SCSI streamer? –or– More on: Reading Audio Tapes using HP-DAT Drive qbub-8585631Just a sugestion… –or– Best of Answer Guy: A Volunteer? qbub-8585631more on keybindings –or– termcap/terminfo Oddities to Remotely Run SCO App qbub-8585631Arabic? –or– Arabic BiDi Support for Linux qbub-8585631Updates: Risks and rewards –or– Automated Updates qbub-8585631Liam Greenwood: Your XDM question qbub-8585631rsh on 2.0.34 –or– ‘rsh’ as ‘root’ Denied

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bbubble-2366982Greetings from Jim Dennis

Happy New Year everybody. I would say more, but I think I’ve said enough for this month…

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Published in The Linux Gazette Issue 36 January 1999

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