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Greetings From Jim Dennis

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bbubble-1390344Greetings from Jim Dennis

So, I spent half of the month in Japan. The first week that I was there I was too busy, tired and disoriented to get any e-mail.

So my column this month is a bit thin. Of course there is this one message that’s pretty long. I think it’s the second longest I’ve ever written here. The longest was on Internet Routing. That one is being used as supplemental reading for a couple of college course from what I hear. This one is not likely to join it.

Meanwhile I still have about 3000 messages in my backlog folder which will take some going through. Luckily I use MH, so I’ll probably develop a script to process most of the routine stuff.

Speaking of « routine » Mike Orr, and Heather have taken steps to reduce the number of « routine » questions we get here in Linux Gazette. They’ve created an FAQ and an index to all of my previous « Answer Guy » questions. I haven’t seen it yet — but hopefully we can convince people to use it. There are about 900 questions that I’ve answered listed.

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That, and the fact that the WebGlimpse engine at Linux Gazette ( seems to be working at last, might help people answer alot of their own questions (which is the whole reason I put so much time into TAG anyway).

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