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Greetings From Jim Dennis


qbub-2783712Logging In qbub-2783712X Window Networking –or– The X Graphical Environment qbub-2783712Routing, Firewalls, and other « raw » Networking qbub-2783712Winmodems qbub-2783712Ordinary Modems and other Useful Serial Devices qbub-2783712Hard Disk Drives, Filesystems and Partitioning qbub-2783712CD-ROM, Tapes, and more Removable Media qbub-2783712LILO, SYSLINUX, and more Boot Loaders qbub-2783712Mail Servers and Clients qbub-2783712Other Servers qbub-2783712Scripting and Programming (including Startup Scripts) qbub-2783712Sweet Music? qbub-2783712Non-Linux OS Questions if they didn’t fit elsewhere. qbub-2783712Etiquette and More Social Questions qbub-2783712 If that could possibly have missed it… -or- Everything Else

bbubble-8747970Greetings from Jim Dennis

It is amazing to me how busy I have been this month. I answered almost as many messages as in that storm of them wrapping up last year’s backlog.

I especially want to thank everybody this month who piped in to help the Answer Guy with IDE CDROMs under SCSI emulation being really transparent – so transparent, that such CD’s have to be referred to as /dev/scd0.

I’ll really give thanks when I can get back home with Heather and our computers. I have my laptop, but it’s just not the same. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

[ For those of you who were answered by email during this month – look forward to seeing your messages in print next issue. This list by topic has been requested by several, it’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, and I really think you’ll find it useful. Also, Each question is still listed only once, so those which might fit more than one section have been listed in the section that best applies. — Heather]

bbubble-8747970Logging In

bbubble-8747970The X Graphical Environment

bbubble-8747970Routing, Firewalls, and other « raw » Networking


bbubble-8747970Ordinary Modems and other Useful Serial Devices

bbubble-8747970Hard Disk Drives, Filesystems and Partitioning

bbubble-8747970CD-ROM, Tapes, and more Removable Media

bbubble-8747970LILO, SYSLINUX, and more Boot Loaders

bbubble-8747970Mail Servers and Clients

bbubble-8747970Other Servers

bbubble-8747970Scripting and Programming (including Startup Scripts)

bbubble-8747970Sweet Music?

bbubble-8747970Non-Linux OS Questions

bbubble-8747970Etiquette and More Social Questions

bbubble-8747970Everything Else

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